Here are some pictures from the FM Towns releases of Zak and Loom.

Zak McKracken:

Zak's title screen.

Zak's apartment in San Francisco.

Leslie and Melissa in the Mars hostel

Zak reads the Guru's book while in Katmandu

Using bread crumbs to attract a local bird

Melissa and Leslie in the Mars Face's Map Room

Zak on board the Bermuda Triangle biplane

Zak and Annie outside the Egyptian Sphinx

Inside the Great Pyramid, just before the end of the game

Zak's apartment (Japanese version)

Lou's Loans (Japanese)

Zak and Annie (Japanese)

Leslie and Melissa in the Hostel (Japanese)

Zak tries on his wet suit (Japanese)

The Cairo airport (Japanese)

Annie in Katmandu (Japanese)

Melissa and Leslie explore the Mars Face (Japanese)


Bobbin at the start of the game

Elder Atropos, in one of the many closeup shots used in the FM Towns version

Hetchel's tent

The Shepherds refuse to let Bobbin pass

Fleece Firmflanks

In Fleece's hut

Bishop Mandible.

Bobbin and Chaos face off in front of the Loom

Chaos rages at Bobbin's destruction of the Loom

The end of the game

For comparison purposes, some screenshots from Loom PC CD:

The Elders meet to decide Hetchel's fate

Mandible and a Glassmaker: this closeup was added for the CD version

Bobbin in Crystalgard

Talking with Fleece

Mandible talks with a captive Bobbin

Another new closeup: Bobbin and the Bishop on the parapet

Healing the (now brown-robed) Shepherds

Bobbin and Chaos in the end confrontation

Chaos, cursing Bobbin for thwarting his domination of the whole world

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