Indiana Jones and the Lost Fight Verb This is the standard interface from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure:

So naturally, this was pretty much the same during development, right? Not quite.

Most advertisements, game boxes, and the like for Indy 3 don't have the Travel verb shown. Instead, there's one in its place called Fight. Some examples:

(That last image has the Travel verb under Fight, where To Henry/To Indy normally goes. Incidentally, I've never seen Fight greyed out in any of the images I've found.)

Now, based on these scans, I've made some facsimile screenshots of the early game build seen above.

Because the images represent the work-in-progress Indy 3, Fight will always be green in them; however, had the verb made it to the final release, it would surely have been grey and unselectable most of the time, as is Talk.

Here's a recreation of the screenshot seen in the first scan above.

Another reconstruction of a scan.

More reconstruction. The bases of the two metal posts were originally drawn differently than in the final game.

Indy fills up his stein in this recreated WIP screenshot.

A reconstruction of the scanned screenshot of Indy in the catacombs. This image must have been taken before programming on what verbs would work when had begun.

Also, check out the carved statues. That middle one is never seen in the final game.

The college boxing ring. In this screen Fight would surely have been a selectable verb.

The college hallway.

Inside Indy's office, having escaped hordes of students.

For some reason the Talk verb was originally highlighted in this room. Also, a few objects were missing, such as the meteor from Maniac Mansion.

Indy exits Barnett College; notice the placement of Travel relative to Fight.

The Venice library's entrance, complete with distracted librarian.

A Venetian cafe opposite the library.

Judging by the scripts used in an early demo, I think this is how the game looked while paused, at an early stage of development. The GAME PAUSED text was later made into a bar running across the screen, so it wouldn't cut off dialogue.

Notice too that the cursor has changed into a "GAME PAUS" button instead of disappearing.

More of the underground catacombs.

The Castle Brunwald foyer. Gee, it actually looks prettier in EGA!

Talking with a drunken Nazi. Had Fight been left in the final game, this would probably have been the only time it and Talk would be both green on screen.

Refilling a German stein with the castle keg.

Paint-by-numbers usually don't come in THAT size...

A Nazi guards a really rather unimportant room.

Dogs Playing Poker and a "Georgian Lucasian" table. Not exactly fine art, either of them.

At the Berlin airport, it's time for some ticket thievery.

I redrew the left side of the screen to match how it used to look, as seen in a screenshot from an old catalog.

Henry next to the ticket seller. Unless he's got an 1804 silver dollar in that pocketful of change, I doubt he can afford to buy his way onto the Zeppelin.

Outside the air terminal.

Henry explores the lounge. In the WIP game Fight would have likely been highlighted even while controlling Indy's dad.

Indy lowers the ladder as Henry watches.

At the biplane crash site, with the game paused. Funny how all the farmhouses look identical no matter how close to the German border Indy is.

The Grail Temple foyer.

The first trial: find the right spot to kneel, and you live. Find the wrong spot, and...well, at least Indy is resurrected right away if you fail.

Inside the Grail Chamber, home of an ancient knight.

Silly Indy. He thinks they all look like carpenters' cups, even the ones that are actually bowls.

The Grail Knight gives a warning; Indy had better listen, because Elsa sure won't.

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