Screenshots from Indy 3 for FM Towns Here are some images from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade's FM Towns release.
Apart from CD music tracks replacing most of the MIDI tunes, nothing major is different from the PC version, though there are numerous minor graphical changes.

The title screen.

The Barnett College gym. In the PC VGA version the verbs on this screen are colored a different shade of green from the normal hue, but that's not the case in the FM Towns release.

In addition, Indy doesn't break the fourth wall and talk about how to save or load a game.

The Save/Load menu is mostly the same, although the text on top now mentions the FM Towns computer's Drive A, and there's no notice on how to order hint books.

I guess Indy likes to wear his lucky fedora whenever he does any fighting, whether real or just for practice.

Boxing. The status bars here are a bit taller and wider than they are in the PC version.

Indy in his office, having escaped the angry students. By the way, the line in the PC version is "I never thought I'd get past them!"

Indy checks out his father's package. In the PC VGA version the word "here" is on the second line of dialog.

Henry Jones Sr.'s ransacked house.

The shade of yellow used for highlighted verbs and Indy's dialogue is different on this screen in the PC VGA version from its regular value, but that was corrected for the FM Towns port.

Flying to Venice. Notice the total lack of use of the bottom 320x40 pixels.

The red line, like the boxing status bars, is a bit thicker than in the PC version.

Elsa takes Indy to the library. Their sprites are in EGA here, an error not present in the original VGA version.

Indiana in front of the library.

Indy in the Venetian library entrance hall. The librarian, here in VGA, was in EGA in the 256-color PC version.

The words in the Grail Diary are gray instead of the black found in the PC version.

The same gray text shows up in the biplane manual.

The "Game Paused" bar on the FM Towns release is high-resolution and gray, unlike in the PC versions.

The catacombs seem to have been home to some pirates at one point in time.

Indy also remarks on his distaste for getting wet in Fate of Atlantis.

"Wait, where did the floor go?"

A column of water gushes down from the cavern overhead. Lucky for Indy he already copied down the notes on the Grail!

Another image of the Grail Diary. The developers stupidly used three different backgrounds to represent these three sections of the diary, eating up valuable disk space.

"He who would unseal this door/Must arrange these statues four three."

The bones embedded in the walls remind me of another set of catacombs from a LucasArts game. What was that I said about pirates in here?

And yet more of the gray text in the Grail Diary.

The knight's tomb! The chamber is a lot more spacious than it was in the movie.

Elsa and Indy drive to Schloss Brunwald in Austria.

Indy outside Schloss Brunwald. I'm fairly certain he's got a VGA sprite in the PC version, as opposed to this 16-color one.

Incidentally, the flashes of lightning outside Castle Brunwald in the PC release aren't present in the FM Towns port.

Talking to the elderly castle butler, whose sprite has been recolored from the VGA version.

Indy's Life Lesson #463: If words don't work, a right hook will do just as well.

In the FM Towns version the umlaut in the German word Führer is missing pretty much all the time.

For some reason all the castle carpets are purple. In the VGA version they're all different shades from room to room.

In the corridors the Nazis' uniforms are colored grey due to an error in the scripts.

Talking past one of the castle guards.

This guard is unusually perceptive, and quick with a right cross. Be careful, Indy!


When Vogel's file cabinet drawer is open in the PC 256-color version, the stone wall behind it appears distorted, a glitch fixed in this port.

The Grail painting in the castle vault. Incidentally, the "glowy" version of the painting is really badly done:


Biff the Nazi, seen in the overhead corridor view.

Thanks to his weakness for drink, Biff is a pushover in a fight. But make sure to hit him quickly, since he can still flatten you!

Indy rescuing Henry...but not for long.

The death message screen. For some reason the "Your Final Scores" line of text is a darker blue than in the PC version.

A fat lot of help the Diary Indy has is in the end sequence... but the diary the player has is much better.

Funny how the Joneses only cross one checkpoint on the way into Germany, but pass lots of others on the trip back out.

Berlin. The game is missing the scene in the castle where Indy discovers Elsa's true loyalties, so players who hadn't seen the movie were liable to be confused.

In the PC VGA version the bottom edges of those three arched windows were colored light blue, an error corrected for the FM Towns.

The painting above the entrance to the Zeppelin lounge was in EGA in the PC 256-color release, but was touched up for this port.

Henry, about to request a song from the Zeppelin piano player. The leftmost food cart in this image was slightly recolored from the PC VGA version.

The word "Overture" here is missing its u, an error not seen in the PC versions.

Indy stands next to the radio operator's open compartment. The view inside the radio room from here was in EGA in the PC version, but fixed for the FM Towns release.

Inside the radio room.

In the Zeppelin maze the Nazi guards aren't colored incorrectly.

Thanks to the profusion of guards, it's nearly impossible to get through the maze without at least one fight.

The FM Towns programmers forgot to include the proper palette-shifting effect on that giant propeller, and Indy's dialogue is mistakenly colored green.

Check out the strange bug where some verbs are superimposed on the screen, too.

Due to a coding error, the FM Towns biplane controls are absolutely useless. Fortunately, ScummVM incorporates a workaround for this bug.

Those trees on the left were in 16 colors in the 256-color PC release. Yet another error the FM Towns background artists fixed.

A guard looks at Indy's travel pass. Another instance of the missing umlaut.

For some reason during the trip out of Germany the country borders are extra-solid and the Nazi logo is removed. ScummVM doesn't reproduce this, so I guess it's encoded into the game executable.

Indy, Henry and Marcus finally reach the Grail Temple.

Another use of an EGA sprite not found in the PC VGA version.

Indy prepares to undergo the first trial: the Breath of God.

Inside the Grail Chamber, Indiana faces a difficult choice.

Indy's holding the friggin' Holy Grail in his hand and that's all he can think of to describe it?!!

The end credits, now including a bit of info on the FM Towns port. Interestingly there seems to have been no beta testing of this version, which might explain the numerous graphical errors.

Also, the Last Crusade movie had come out on home video by the time of the game FM Towns version's release.

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