The Indiana Jones Action-Adventure Games This page deals with miscellany from LucasArts' two Indiana Jones action-adventure titles for PC, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine by Hal Barwood, and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, developed by The Collective.

Infernal Machine:

The idea of setting an Indiana Jones game after World War II was not original to Infernal Machine. In fact, a cancelled adventure game that LucasArts had worked on earlier, titled Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix, did the same thing.

In Iron Phoenix, Indy would have teamed up with a female Soviet agent to prevent surviving Nazis, hiding out in Bolivia, from resurrecting the late Adolf Hitler with the legendary Philosopher's Stone of alchemy. Much of the plot would have involved Indy racing the Nazis around the globe in a search for pieces of the Stone, while having narrow run-ins with Soviet guards as well. In the end, Indy would have had to confront Zombie Hitler himself!

The use of Hitler as a central villain meant that Iron Phoenix could not have been sold in Germany, a country which provides much of adventure games' profit. So the game was abandoned... but Hal Barwood, who had been a story consultant, liked the idea of a post-WWII Indy adventure enough to reuse it in IM.

The following was an introduction to the game, penned by Rick Barba and Jo Ashburn for the IM strategy guide.

Barnett College, 1947

Dr. Indiana Jones looked up from his plate of scrambled eggs and bacon just in time to duck the newspaper thrown by his father, the noted scholar Dr. Henry Jones, Sr.

"What is it, Dad?" Indy asked, calmly buttering his toast. "Have the high schools decided to stop teaching Latin?"

"It's those godless Communists," his father fumed. "They're takin' over half of Europe, closing down the churrrches, and Prrresident Truman's not doin' a blasted thing to stop them!"

The senior Jones's Scottish burr thickened considerably with anger. Indiana promised himself that this time he wouldn't let himself be drawn into the argument.

"It's a terrible situation, Dad, but I don't see what I can do about it. The war is over. And, frankly, I've had my fill of politics and world conquerors. In case you've forgotten, I have a train and a dig in Utah waiting for me. From now on, I'm just a simple archeologist."

Dr. Jones, Sr., raised one eyebrow. "Junior, you are a simple archeologist like Julius Caesar was a simple foot soldier. It's no good denying you've got a taste for adventure, and if you don't seek it out, it will come looking for you. Even as a boy, you couldn't go on a simple Boy Scout camping trip without falling off a cliff or nearly falling off a train."

"I didn't think you noticed," Indy replied, picking up his bags. His father sat down to finish off what was left of breakfast. Indy paused at the door.

"Seriously, Dad, I want to thank you for coming up here to take over my classes," he said. "Marcus has all my class rosters and lecture notes, so there shouldn't be any problem. Oh--and Dad," Indy opened the door. "Would you keep a close eye on my Tuesday afternoon class? I think I might have a couple of godless Communists in there...."

Dr. Indiana Jones closed the door behind him before his father could find something else to throw.

Two weeks later, on a blazing Utah morning, Indy was forced to admit to himself that, once again, his father was right. He'd forgotten how ordinary an ordinary dig could be. He'd found nothing of value, and the methodical nature of his work could be crushingly dull. He wouldn't mind running into a spy or two--or even, say, Sophia Hapgood, whom he hadn't seen since the war. He'd enjoyed their impassioned arguments almost as much as their equally passionate romance. He rubbed the scar on the back of his neck, remembering that, when angry, Sophia, too, had a tendency to throw things.

Well, she wasn't going to drop out of the sky, Indy told himself, so he might as well get back to work....

Below is some concept art from Infernal Machine, published by LucasArts.

Art by Drew Struzan for the box cover, which ended up being used on the reverse side!

A high-resolution version of Struzan's art. Scan obtained from a 2000 wall calendar packaged in the original US release of Infernal Machine.

A very early box design, with a prerendered Indy's creepy face.

A more finalized box design. Before this was approved, the image of Indy was altered to show his Temple of Doom ripped costume, and the silver shadowing on the Indy logo was modified.

The scanned cover of the Infernal Machine manual

A page from the IM Manual with concept art of Marduk

A page from the IM Manual, showing off concept art for the five "boss" creatures

A Japanese Army camp, left over on Palawan Island from WWII

The camp, without the Indy logo attached

The control room for Heinrich Horner's mine car network in King Solomon's mines

One of the railways in the mine car level

Concept art of the five "boss" creatures in Infernal Machine, as well as Indy with a supercharged whip

Indy with his whip charged up, as seen in more detail

The Ice Guardian, seen closer up

The Lava Guardian in close-up

The Robot Guardian, in more detail

Dr. Jones takes a Jeep for a ride around Palawan Island

The lost Olmec valley Indy discovers on his way to Azerim's Machine Part

The Olmec valley, sans the Indy logo

The pyramids of Nubia

The receptacle for King Solomon's jewels deep below the Nubian pyramids

The above picture in color

A Nubian boy who desires to become "industrialized" like the Western archaeologists visiting his homeland

A pueblo village in the shadow of the Palawan volcano

An aged holy woman who inhabits the Kazakh monastery

The exterior of the Shambala monastery in Kazakhstan

The picture above, with color added

Concept art of Sophia Hapgood and her new hairstyle

Another image of Sophia

A river of lava deep in the Palawan Island temple

The original concept for Nub's Tomb had multiple electrical plates instead of only four.

Nub's Tomb, without the Indy title

Simon Turner, a shady CIA agent with a Southern accent

A crossroads in the Palawan Island temple where Indy meets a squadron of Russian commandos

Dr. Gennadi Volodnikov, the Russian scientist investigating Marduk's machine

Concept art showing a cutaway of one of the Palawan Island levels

A waterfall in a cavern of the Olmec valley

The location of Azerim's Machine Part in the Palawan temple

A small promotional image, showing off Struzan's art in better detail.

Below is some concept art, originally published in the IM strategy guide.

Scans of a preview of IM, from the December 1998 issue of PC Gamer US. Notice that Indy was originally going to wear his leather jacket in Babylon, the game's second level.

A sampling of scans from the 2000 wall calendar distributed in original US boxes of IM:

Indy in Babylon with the leather jacket which he doesn't wear there in the finished game.

(Here's a link to another image of Indy in Babylon with his leather jacket, hosted at IGN.)

The Aetherium. Interestingly, the misty walls which indicate tunnels seem to be missing.

Indy stares up at the Robot Guardian.

Emperor's Tomb:

The working title for the game was Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Emperor. Early concepts for the game featured Abner Ravenwood as Indy's partner in the Ceylon levels, but he had to be cut out due to deadline pressure.

Originally, in Prague, Indy was to overhear Von Beck speaking with a Nazi officer named Richter about his plans for dealing with Dr. Jones. Later, in the last level of Prague, Richter was to try to kill Indy, before being himself strangled by the Homunculus in the alchemist's lab. Likely, the scenes were cut in order to save the revelation that Von Beck had survived his encounter with the crocodile for a more dramatic moment.

I managed to find the dialogue from those lost cutscenes in the game resource files. Notice Von Beck mentions a train to Istanbul, though the cinematic at the end of the Prague levels clearly shows him traveling by zeppelin.

The scene with Von Beck:

Richter: "Sir, my men have been over every inch of this castle, and we have seen no trace of the special item. Are you sure that such an object even exists?" (frustrated)
Von Beck: Are you questioning my orders?
Richter: "No, sir. I..."
Von Beck: "Then what is the problem, Lieutenant?"
Richter: "My men are trained to kill, Colonel Von Beck, not to rummage through castles looking for buried treasure."
Richter: The men have started to hear things in the labyrinths. (quieter voice)
Von Beck: "I am not interested in your superstitious excuses, Richter. At sunrise, I am leaving to oversee our operation in Istanbul."
Von Beck: "If I do not have the second piece of the mirror in my hand by the time I board the train, you will personally explain to the Fuhrer why Operation Leviathan has failed."
Richter: "Understood, sir."
Von Beck: Sehr gut. Now what of the American?
Richter: We have sealed all the exits. It is only a matter of time before he is found and eliminated.
Von Beck: "I want Dr. Jones taken alive, Richter."
Richter: Alive!? (incredulous)
Von Beck: The doctor is an old friend. I will not be denied the pleasure of a final conversation.
Richter: "Yes, sir."

And the scene where Indy meets Richter:

Richter: It seems this chase has finally come to an end. Did you know that fool Von Beck wants you alive?
Indy: I knew there was something I liked about that guy.
Richter: However... (loads gun)
Indy: Hey...
Richter: Iím thinking that you were shot while trying to escape. Couldnít be avoided. (aims gun at Indy's head)
Richter: "Ja, that sounds believable."
Indy: Donít you want to ask me what I know about Operation Leviathan? (scrambles for ideas)
Richter: "Dead men donít talk, Dr. Jones."
Richter: Aaaaarrrggghh!!! (choked by Homonculus)

At first, after Indy rescues Mei Ying from the clutches of the dragon god Kong Tien, there was going to be a level or two where Mei Ying and Indy drove around Peng Lai Island in a jeep to reach Wuhan's boat. Mei Ying would do the driving while Indy shot at pursuing Nazi agents. At the end of the level, their car would be trapped on a bridge and they would jump into the water, to be rescued by Wuhan. This explains why, in the final game, Indy and Mei Ying suddenly arrive in the boat after leaving the Temple of Kong Tien. It was probably cut because it was too redundant when added to the Hong Kong car chase levels.

Here's the dialogue from the cutscenes in those missions, preserved in the game data.

The intro:

Indy: Thatís our ticket out of here. Go for the driverís seat and head down the mountain. Wuhan should be waiting for us. (whispering)
Mei Ying: Right.
Indy: Keep your foot on the gas and donít stop for anything. (emphasis on "anything")
Mei Ying: Good luck.
SS Soldier: Schnell! Schnell!
Indy: Now! Go! Go!

Misc. dialogue:


Indy: Doesnít this thing go any faster!
Indy: Slow down! Slow down!
Indy: Aaaahahahah!
Indy: Step on it!

Another cutscene:

Indy: Look out! (shouting)

And the final cutscene that isn't seen in the game:

Mei Ying: Indy look!
Indy: Youíve gotta be kidding me.
Indy: We have to jump.
Mei Ying: Jump!? Are you crazy!? (incredulous)
Indy: "Sorry sweetheart, no time to argue..."

When you collect all the artifacts in the game, you unlock an art gallery. To save you the trouble of playing each level over and over again looking for them, I've posted the gallery's contents below!

There are a lot of places and characters that aren't in the final game, like Hamed the sultan. But I can't say for certain which things did or didn't make it since I haven't played all the levels through. (I probably never will, either; I can't stand the abysmal lack of a save-anywhere feature. I used someone else's saved game to unlock the gallery. Sue me. ;) )

I took pictures of the gallery at 800x600 resolution, as close scrutiny revealed that it gave the least amount of stretching or compression of the art, which is displayed on screen as 3D textures.

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