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ATMachine's Collection of Graphic Adventure (LucasArts/Sierra/etc.) oddities

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These pages (created by me) showcase some interesting information on selected graphic adventure games.

You're currently in the index of new articles -- the ones written after my previous hosting provider went bust on me and I relocated to Mix-N-Mojo.

A word of warning: the information presented here, being a work in progress, may not necessarily be accurate.

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He Who Moves My Bones: Insights into the 1993-4 Versions of LucasArts' The DIG
A set of text files relating to the 1993-4 versions of The DIG based on Brian Moriarty's design. Includes walkthroughs ("Puzzle Design" lists) for versions by Brian Moriarty, Dave Grossman, Hal Barwood, and Sean Clark.

Nota bene: Brian Moriarty and Sean Clark each designed a "Version 1" and "Version 2" of the 1993-4 DIG; Dave Grossman and Hal Barwood split the effort between them. Each version has two gameplay paths, a "Tolkien Path" and a "Wagner Path", which diverge early on based on how the player kills the eel.

Also, each version has multiple playthroughs with different protagonists. Brian Moriarty's designs have a Side A, Side B, and Side C; later versions of the 1993-4 DIG have a Side A and a Side B. Information about these can be found in the "Crews" and "Puzzle Inserts" files.

Everything in this section is WIP, and as such, may contain inaccuracies.
Last updated 20 April 2019, 4:06 AM EDT

Remember: The 1993 The DIG was designed fundamentally as a game for mature audiences -- as also with the LOOM sequels. Expect potentially triggering subject matter!

By Confusion Standing: Insights into Details of the LOOM Series
FORGE and The FOLD, the sequels to LOOM, were made. These documents offer some details about them, as well as extended & alternate versions of LOOM itself.

Each game has two versions designed by Brian Moriarty, as well as two talkie CD revisions with different dialogue: one revised by LucasArts' Kalani Streicher and Mike Ebert, the other by Orson Scott Card. Moriarty's V1 & V2 designs of each game, but not the revisions, also have both a "Side A" and a "Side B" playthrough.

Warning: Documents in this section are still very rough and are not necessarily accurate.
Last update 21 April 2019, 2:03 PM EDT

Living Or Dark Undead: Insights into Early Builds of The Secret Of Monkey Island
Including information about rooms cut from the published version, and a walkthrough for some alternate puzzles -- several of which show up in later LucasArts adventure games.
Last update 2018-08-11, 12:36 AM EDT

Strange New Items: the Inventory of Interplay's Star Trek Adventure Games
Details about unusual inventory icons in Interplay's Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and its sequel, Star Trek: Judgment Rites. Also, some basic information about the Secret Library Archive Project. And the Illuminati.
Last update 2018-07-21, 2:03 PM EDT

Lesbians, Crossdressing, and Piracy: The True Secret of Monkey Island
What IS the secret of Monkey Island? In five words: "No man is an island."
Last updated 28 Dec 2016: new evidence added from the Monkey Island 1 box cover

Behind the Iconostasis: The Inventory Icons of Sean Clark's The Dig Demo
Read it and weep. Or not.
Last updated 11 Jun 2017: added scans of unused in-game art assets from the strategy guide

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