A Visual History of Indiana Jones' World Travels This page is a catalogue of the various appearances of the ubiquitous map and moving red line seen in Indiana Jones video games whenever Indy goes traveling.

To my knowledge, the first game to replicate the movies' use of a red line to mark Dr. Jones' travels was the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade video game.

EGA version: A map of the Atlantic Ocean.

The same map in the VGA version.

EGA: Indy flies to Venice in an anachronistic transatlantic airplane.


In the FM Towns port the map lines were thicker. A minor detail, but worth noting all the same.

EGA: A map of Europe.

VGA: The same.

EGA: Indy travels to Schloss Brunwald in Austria to rescue his father.


FM Towns.

EGA: Two possible routes for Indy's escape from Germany. The path shown on the map changes based on whether or not Indy travels aboard the Zeppelin, and how many German fighter planes he shoots down before crashing.


FM Towns: During Indy's escape the country borders are thickened, and the swastika of the Nazi flag planted on Berlin is blacked out.

There were several versions of the Last Crusade action game, each with different level structure. The Sega Genesis port actually featured a map with a (dotted) red line.

The blank map.

Over the course of five levels Indy travels from place to place, starting in Utah and ending up in Hatay (a small country that broke off from Syria in 1938 only to join with Turkey several months later).

Next, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

Indy travels to New York to find Sophia at the end of the game's introduction.

Dr. Jones and Sophia Hapgood travel to Iceland to poke around the remains of the old Jastro expedition.

Flying to Tikal...

...and then the Azores.

After retrieving Plato's lost dialogue, Indy must choose between Monte Carlo, in Monaco, and Algeria as travel destinations.

On the Team Path, it's best to go to Algiers first.

But of course, he'll also have to go visit M. Alain Trottier on the Monaco streets.

In the Team Path, after Indy and Sophia leave the Algerian dig site, they must head to the island of Crete.

After Indy boards the German submarine, it sails out into the Aegean, looking for Atlantis.

In the Wits and Fists paths, Indy's better off going to Monte Carlo immediately.

And he needs to return there once his business at the dig site is done.

Having found the Sunstone, Indy flies off to the remote island of Thera.

From Thera, he boards a German submarine, which takes him to the ruins of Knossos.

In the Fists path, Indy takes a roundabout balloon route along the coast to reach Crete.

Reunited with Sophia, Indy heads on to Thera after exiting the Labyrinth.

Using directions from the Lost Dialogue, Indy seeks to dive to Atlantis. (The direction and distance are randomized each time you play.)

An interesting point: The first game to include an image of the vehicle in which Indy travels along with the map and the line was the Super Nintendo platform game Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures.

Some screenshots:

From San Francisco, Indy heads out to Nepal to look for Marion.

Accessing the Nepal level with a passcode gives you a truncated map sequence with a different background image.

Leaving Nepal, Indy and Marion press on to Cairo.

Cairo, accessed with a passcode.

Aboard a German submarine, Indy hitches a ride to a secret Nazi naval base. But the background here shows him still aboard a plane!

The Nazi island, reached by a passcode.

Indy starts out the Temple of Doom levels in Shanghai.

Barely escaping Shanghai with his life, Dr. Jones is in a plane over India when his pilots abandon the craft.

The crash-landing site in India, reached by passcode.

After a harrowing rubber raft ride, Indiana arrives in the palace of a city called Pankot.

At the beginning of The Last Crusade, Indy travels to Venice. The developers seem to have incorrectly guessed that Indy's home is in San Francisco, their evidence being the first map sequence in the Raiders movie.

From the catacombs of Venice, Indy heads on to Salzburg to free his dad.

Salzburg, using a passcode.

With his dad in tow, Indy heads for Berlin to retrive the Grail Diary. The Diary is never mentioned in Greatest Adventures; much of the game assumes you've seen and can remember the movies.

Berlin, reached via passcode.

Finally, Dr. Jones and Dr. Jones, Sr. head off to Alexandretta to retrieve the Holy Grail.

The Alexandretta map, as it appears using a passcode.

The Indiana Jones action-adventure game, Infernal Machine, ingeniously turned the famous Indy map and red line into the level loading screens.

In the introductory video, the red line alights on a picture of Utah, which then fades into color.

The first level's loading screen, as seen when first starting up the game.

An alternate loading screen appears when you load savegames made on the first level.

From the southwestern US, Indy heads to Iraq to check out a Russian dig site.

Having found an ancient map in a Babylonian library, Dr. Jones travels to Kazakhstan in pursuit of an ancient device.

The maps reach a much smaller scale in the second or third level of a particular location.

Having obtained Urgon's piece of the Infernal Machine, Indy heads off to an island called Palawan in the Philippines.

On Palawan, Indy gains access to a series of underground chambers.

Deep beneath the island's surface Dr. Jones finds an ancient temple to a volcano god.

With the Lava Guardian defeated, Indy takes Taklit's part and heads for the surface once more.

Indy heads to Teotihuacan. Can you spot Grim Fandango's El Marrow and Monkey Island's Melee Island?

From the Pyramid of the Sun, Indy follows a hidden passage to a lost Olmec valley.

Captured by Soviet agents, Indy must escape from the sailing ship V.I. Pudovkin, named for an important Russian movie director.

Free of Russian captivity, Indiana makes for Egypt, to find the final piece of the machine.

Indy follows in Allan Quatermain's footsteps by exploring King Solomon's legendary mines.

Below the mines, Indy finds the way to Nub's tomb, and the last machine part.

Back in Babylon, Indy must resolve the mess that Simon Turner and Sophia have created... for good or bad.

With the Infernal Machine activated, Indy and Sophia plummet into Marduk's plane of existence, the Aetherium.

After saving the world yet another time, Indy relaxes by traveling to Peru in pursuit of a golden idol much like one he lost to Belloq years ago.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, the next Indy title released by LucasArts, placed Indy's map travels in FMV sequences between levels. However, the developers stupidly used modern country borders (circa 2003) in the videos, instead of proper ones for the game's year of 1935!

The opening level finds Indy in pursuit of yet another idol in the jungles of Ceylon.

Prize in hand for once, Indy travels home to New York.

Hired by two mysterious strangers, Dr. Jones flies off to Prague in search for a piece of the "Mirror of Dreams".

Once again, Indy gets captured by his foes. This time, the Nazis take him by zeppelin to Istanbul.

Indy and Mei Ying go to Hong Kong in search of a certain Wu Han, who can help them find the Black Dragon Triad's fortress.

With Mei Ying kidnapped, Indy and Wu Han sail to Peng Lai Island in hopes of saving her and stealing the Mirror of Dreams.

After recovering the Mirror, Indy and Mei Ying head to Sian to crack open the First Emperor's tomb and find its secrets.

Finally, in 2005 a G4 video featuring a few clips of Indy's next game surfaced on the Internet. Included was a small taste of the new map:

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