The King's Quest VI interface: Differences between PC CD and PC disk versions Sierra's King's Quest VI is most often played in the PC CD version. The original PC disk version, though, had a rather different GUI, which most players of the game have never seen.

This page compares the PC floppy release and PC CD icon bars, inventory, and other aspects of the interface in general.

For a discussion of the differences between the disk and PC introduction sequences, see this page instead.

Disk: The title menu, with strikingly yellow buttons.

CD: The buttons are now a mild light brown color.

Disk: The original icon bar. It's certainly... bright.

CD: The new, improved icon bar, with much more subdued colors.

Disk: The message boxes are in bright yellow with blue text

CD: If you turn text on instead of speech, the dialogue shows up as dark brown text on a light brown background.

Disk: Now that Alex has a coin and his signet ring, he decides to look at them in his inventory.

CD: The icon bar's buttons have extra animations when clicked on. Here, the inventory pouch opens up.

Disk: Choosing the WALK icon

CD: The WALK button shows little Alexander moving his legs.

Disk: Selecting the EYE icon outside the Castle of the Crown's doors

CD: The EYE button is now animated to "close" when clicked on

Disk: Alexander provides proof of his identity to the guards

CD: This shot is pretty much the same.

Disk: An audience with Vizier Alhazred

CD: Still another example of the text boxes' changed colors.

Disk: The town's Main Street

CD: The HAND gains a thicker shadow when its button is selected

Disk: The options menu

CD: Notice the extra button for toggling between text and speech

Disk: Alexander examines the pawn-shop owner's merchandise

CD: It's a lot easier to tell what icons are not selectable at the moment.

Disk: Alex decides to take the toy nightingale for now

CD: "Should I eat this mint now or save it for later? Better save it... I am in an adventure game, after all."

Disk: Alexander exits the Pawn Shoppe

CD: I wonder how the bookstore makes any money on a tiny island like this?

Disk: Inside Ali's Bookshop, choosing the OPTION icon

CD: The little slider on the OPTION button moves downward when you click.

Disk: Selecting the TALK icon in front of Beauty's house

CD: This is the only one of the buttons on the icon bar which doesn't change much if selected, oddly enough.

Disk: The Quit/Don't Quit dialog box cuts off Alex's head

CD: The dialog box has been reshaped to take up less space

Disk: Looking at the inventory. Strangely, the "scroll down" arrow is highlighted when it shouldn't be.

CD: The improperly highlighted arrow is now fixed, and the other buttons have been redrawn too.

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