The Undead Pirate LeChuck: A Visual History The appearance of the Demon Zombie Ghost Pirate LeChuck has shifted greatly throughout the Monkey Island series. However, this is not just due to his repeated resurrection in different forms; it also owes much to different artists' varying interpretations of the character.

This page is a chronicle of his various "looks" through all four games, and also compares some initial design ideas to the final product.

The Secret of Monkey Island

This is Steve Purcell's original concept art for the Ghost Pirate LeChuck. It almost exactly resembles the LeChuck sprite used in the game.

His coat is a pale blue, unlike pretty much all later interpretations of LeChuck. Also, he's not wearing a shirt, and his skeleton is visible through his clothing.

Guybrush confronts LeChuck in the church on Melee Island, in the original 16-color version of MI1.

The LeChuck sprite matches the original art very closely, except that his boots are blue, not brown, and his coat is transparent as opposed to pale blue.

"...then who's that in the dress?"

A screen from the end, when LeChuck torments Guybrush by punching him all over Melee Island.

More of the final puzzle sequence.

When LeChuck is finally obliterated, his head zooms up to the sky just before exploding into a thousand fireworks.

The Amiga version character sprites are basically the same as those in the EGA version.

Another screenshot from the wedding scene in the Amiga port.

I have no idea why Steve Purcell decided that LeChuck's nose should be red.

LeChuck's head travels separately from the rest of his ghostly body, which makes for a rather amusing visual.

So if LeChuck's head shoots up to the stratosphere, how does Guybrush get ahold of his living beard?

The wedding scene in VGA. LeChuck's pants and hat have been recolored from grey to brown.

More of the wedding scene.

Captain Smirk's house is one of the four locations to which Guybrush can be punched in the endgame.

The dock still bears the smears of ectoplasm left over from when Guybrush dispatched one of LeChuck's crewmen.

Unlike in the EGA version, there's a fair bit of brown mixed in the blue beard.

In the CD version of MI1, LeChuck's hat and pants have been recolored again, this time to blue.

Elaine reveals the surprise she had in store for LeChuck.

LeChuck wants to toy with Guybrush before killing him, it seems. Otherwise, why all the punching?

Another image from the last puzzle of MI1.

In the CD version LeChuck's beard has been recolored to match the original EGA version better.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

The Zombie Pirate LeChuck as seen on the box art. Look closely at the eyes: red pupils and irises set in white.

LeChuck discusses plans for a voodoo doll with his personal bocor. What ever happened to that guy, anyway?

The Zombie Pirate's eyes are different than on the box cover: the irises and pupils are black, and the normally white parts are yellow.

The guard at Elaine's gatehouse wears a Ghost Pirate LeChuck costume.

It's not transparent, and it includes a shirt, but this is pretty clearly the same design as the MI1 LeChuck. It even has the same trim on the coat.

In the MI2 demo the guard had a green hat.

In Guybrush's dream, LeChuck wears a blue coat. This was probably done just to make him stand out against the blood-red background.

LeChuck is furious because Largo has let Guybrush find the third piece of the map to Dinky Island.

The zombie pirate captures Guybrush in his office.

"Every morning I will sit in it and listen to you scream."

LeChuck shows up just as Guybrush gets into the service elevator beneath Dinky Island.

The Curse of Monkey Island

The animators decided to give LeChuck an overhaul here. They gave him a buttoned-up coat instead of an open one (which would be harder to animate), and made him a lot wider across the shoulders.

This is the original concept for CMI Zombie LeChuck's face, as seen in the demo. The eyes are a striking blue.

Also from the demo: Zombie LeChuck refuses to accept that Elaine will never love him.

Demo: Unlike in MI2, Zombie LeChuck has no hair on the back of his head.

More from the demo. LeChuck is about to kill Guybrush when Elaine shoots the blade out of his hand...

...leaving the zombie pirate furious.

In the demo's ending movie, LeChuck drops his voodoo cannonball and blows himself up.

LeChuck as he appears in the final release of CMI. His skin is darker than in the demo, and his eyes are eerie green circles set in black.

His hat is brown with a gray plume, and the cuffs of the shirt beneath his coat are dark gray too. These details are different on Demon LeChuck, seen below.


Even fearsome pirates fail to understand the mystery of the female mind.

The zombie pirate notices Guybrush for the first time.

This shot is pretty much the same as in the demo, except LeChuck's coat has been recolored slightly.

LeChuck decides to take care of Guybrush Threepwood once and for all.

Fortunately, Elaine thwarts his intentions with a well-timed shot from her blunderbuss.

"...and prepare the flaming voodoo cannonball!"

LeChuck holds the enchanted cannonball with which he plans to make Elaine his undead bride.

But he drops it when Guybrush fires a cannon, leading to the destruction of his zombie form.

It's not long, though, before he is reborn as a grayish-skinned Demon Pirate.

The original renders for this cutscene gave Demon LeChuck white-glowing eyes instead of yellow ones.

LeChuck savors the thought of finally marrying Elaine at last.

Here his hat is black with gold trim and a fiery plume, and the sleeves of his shirt are a faded white.

Also, take note of the big belt he's wearing around his waist. It wasn't nearly so massive in MI2.

The Demon Pirate is impatient for news of Elaine and Guybrush.

Apparently LeChuck wants more of Blondebeard's food. I guess only the undead can stomach that stuff.

Short-tempered as ever, he demands another update on the progress of the search for Elaine.

A small detail: LeChuck is wearing a bandanna benath his hat, although he wasn't in an earlier scene.

LeChuck can breathe fire now. And Guybrush thought his spit was bad before...

A shot of Demon LeChuck from the demo gives him visible pupils.

In the final game the pupils are gone.

LeChuck looks up in horror at the block of ice about to come down on him. Incidentally, the animators forgot to draw in his belt.

Bonus: Steve Purcell drew this redesign of LeChuck in ghost form for a Sam and Max comic published in The Adventurer when CMI was first announced.

Escape from Monkey Island

The artists on EMI totally redesigned LeChuck's Ghost and Zombie forms. They also put in some minor changes to his Demon appearance.

A LEC Company Store flyer from the original US release of EMI showcases some interesting concept art of LeChuck.

Concept art for Zombie LeChuck. Unlike the MI2 and CMI zombie versions, this one has a very short beard, a half-sewn-shut mouth, and a rotting arm, and is extremely bloated.

Plus, his pants are meant to be blue, instead of the brown seen in previous games.

The concept art, given color by me.

The original design for Zombie LeChuck gave him two eyes and a feather in his hat. In the actual game the feather and one eye were removed.

More concept art, this time for Demon LeChuck. Notice his hat is a different shape than in CMI, and he's wearing a sash around his waist instead of a belt.

Another piece of concept art for Demon Lechuck.

This window in the Church of LeChuck shows off Ghost LeChuck, who sports a red buttoned-up coat and shoulder belt. It's very different from the MI1 LeChuck design with an open blue coat and a visible skeleton.

As seen here, he was intended to have yellow irises and brown pants.

Another Church of LeChuck background depicts Zombie LeChuck with two eyes and a feather in his hat.

The carpet in the Church of LeChuck reveals a different hat design than was used in the final game, one that looks remarkably like his hat in MI1 and MI2.

Ghost Pirate LeChuck as seen in the EMI intro. The green glow is straight from Steve Purcell's MI1 concept art.

His eyes are small and blue here, in a change from the planned yellow color.

Zombie LeChuck from the EMI intro. As pointed out before, he has only one eye in the game.

Demon LeChuck as seen in the intro. His eyes and mouth glow red, which wasn't the case in CMI. But like CMI Demon Lechuck, he has a plume of fire in his hat.

The Demon Pirate LeChuck resigns himself to being crushed by a giant ice block.

Ghost LeChuck reveals himself in the Marley Mansion...

...then transforms himself into a zombie using his newfound powers...

...and finally into Demon form. His eyes glow yellow now, like in CMI, and his mouth has no glow.

Also, the color and shape of his burning beard have been modified from how they were in the intro. The new flame effect isn't a part of the 3D model; it was added as a separate element in the cutscenes, so it isn't always properly attached to LeChuck's head.

A shot of Ghost LeChuck in this cutscene before the special effect of the glow was added.

LeChuck brags about his plans to win the Melee Island gubernatorial race.

The Demon LeChuck 3D model lacks a neck connecting his head to his body!

More of LeChuck's boasting. The EMI model lacks the visible shirt cuffs from CMI, as well as the bandanna benath the hat.

He gets so excited about the power of the Ultimate Insult that he shifts into his Ghost form...

...and then into his Zombie shape.

Follow this link to a screenshot of Ghost LeChuck in this shot before the green glow was added in, hosted on Gamespot.

Zombie LeChuck strides out of the Mansion, laughing about his evil plans.

As in CMI, his zombie form has no hair on the back of his head.

LeChuck tricks Elaine into making the pirates of Melee think she's crazy.

Guybrush comes home to find LeChuck in the Governor's chair...

...and Ozzie Mandrill pulling the strings.

The revised Demon LeChuck model is lacking the fiery plume in the hat, seen in the concept art and on the model used in the intro.

LeChuck's muscle and Ozzie's gun are enough to keep Guybrush from running away.

Ozzie orders LeChuck to take the pieces of the Ultimate Insult from Guybrush.

Ozzie reveals that LeChuck plans to use the Ultimate Insult on Elaine.

The little fact that Elaine is already married won't deter LeChuck from his goal.

Mandrill rambles some more about the unholy soul-crushing power of the Ultimate Insult.

You can get a good look at LeChuck's waist sash in this shot.

The thought of finally having Elaine as his wife makes LeChuck laugh in triumph.

Notice his pants are blue, instead of the greenish-brown seen in CMI.

"Are you sure I can't kill him yet?"

The Ghost Pirate realizes that the Ultimate Insult is not yet complete.

In the second shot, notice that Ghost LeChuck does have hair on the back of his head.

Elaine's Gubernatorial Seal falls out of her pocket and is discovered.

Ozzie Mandrill decides to test the newly completed Ultimate Insult on Pegnose.

For consistency with the other two forms, Ghost LeChuck's pants are blue, although they were originally supposed to be brown.

Zombie LeChuck is eager to see the Ultimate Insult in action again.

LeChuck waddles over to the Insult Amplification Apparatus along with Ozzie and Elaine.

Thanks to Guybrush's tampering, however, the apparatus fails.

LeChuck is enraged.

So enraged, in fact, that he switches forms in the middle of a sentence.

LeChuck strides out of the Mansion, abandoning Ozzie.

"I'll show that chumbucket pantywaist some REAL voodoo!"

And so he does, by implanting his spirit into a giant stone statue and bringing it to life.

Golem LeChuck, under Ozzie's command, prepares to engage in Monkey Kombat with the Giant Monkey Robot.

This is the only time in EMI (apart from a scene with Charles L. Charles) that LeChuck appears outside of cutscenes.

With the Kombat hopelessly deadlocked, LeChuck takes the opportunity to get rid of Ozzie once and for all.

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