Unused Graphics from Loom CD This page displays some images from the Loom PC CD that are unused in the actual game, yet still in the resource files.

An alternate LucasArts logo.

Dame Hetchel.

An unused closeup of Elder Atropos. However, unlike the FM-TOWNS version of this closeup, it has a secret...

Some graphic artist put a secret message in his face! How rude!

I imagine whoever did this was disgruntled about converting the closeup to VGA and then seeing it left on the cutting room floor.

Hetchel as a cygnet.

These frames of animation of Hetchel were made as a test of lip-syncing with spoken dialogue. It didn't work very well.

Another unused headshot, this one of Master Goodmold.

Fleece seen in an unused close-up.

An interesting picture of Bobbin and Fleece together, in the style of other new close-ups added for the CD.

These images demonstrate the various animations used to make Bobbin and Fleece appear to lip-sync with the spoken dialogue.

The Dragon.

Master Stoke of the Forge.

A closeup of Rusty about to be eaten by the dragon. The animation of him opening his eye was left unused.

This shot of the furnace in the Forge was replaced in gameplay with one that has a slightly different palette.

A background left unused in the PC CD after the cutscene of Rusty's death was shortened.

Bishop Mandible.

Mandible's grin wasn't quite ready for prime time when this background was cut from gameplay.

This animation of Bobbin's eyes darting around and opening wide with terror was not used in the actual gameplay.

The hideous Cob.

Fleece thanks Bobbin for healing the Shepherds; this view of the scene was replaced in the final product with a closer shot of the hillside.

Also, the line of dialogue shown in the bottom screenshot was never recorded.

Cygna the swan.

An alternate closeup of Chaos, designed for lip-syncing much like the Hetchel picture above.

The alternate Chaos close-up features frames analogous to his expressions in the disk version.

These pictures demonstrate the animations used for Chaos' lip-syncing.

Several lines of dialogue were recorded by the actors, but not used in the game. They still exist on the Redbook audio track, though, and I have excerpted some below.

Bobbin remarks on the beauty of the sunrise at Loom Island

Hetchel promises to help Bobbin if he loses his distaff

Bobbin cries out as he tips over a flask in Hetchel's tent

Master Goodmold corrects Bobbin's impression that the Chromax Conundrum is made of glass

Bobbin decides to investigate Bishop Mandible's conversation with Crucible

Bobbin realizes the significance of the crystal ball that Mandible has purchased

Bobbin ponders what to do after the Glassmakers block his access to the Sphere

A shepherd rails at Bobbin for luring his sheep over the fence

The shepherd is further incensed when Bobbin dyes his sheep green

Fleece mentions the origin of the Shepherds' Song of Healing

Bobbin comments disparagingly about his own reflection

Dialogue in which Cygna urges Bobbin to close the holes in the Pattern

Hetchel urges Bobbin to unmake the Loom

A short synthesizer version of the opening theme of Loom

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