Miscellaneous Loom Oddities This page houses the stuff relating to Loom that doesn't fit on any other page.

This background was created by Loom's lead artist Mark Ferrari as a concept for the scene where Mandible rips open the Pattern and the Dead Ones emerge.

A scan from an old Lucasfilm Games catalog. In this image, the furnace area in the Forge looks radically different.

The door leading to the prison cell is missing, as is the window looking out on the great furnace, and there is a firepit instead of the final woodbin.

Another scanned image of the old Forge background.

A second scan from the old catalog. This one shows an area to the right of the Forge citadel. The background was truncated, and that part left out, in the final game.

A scan of Bobbin in the dungeon of the Clerics' Castle. The pedestal with the Sphere of Scrying had not yet been drawn in.

The original Loom demo featured this Lucasfilm Games logo made of stars.

If you look closely at this demo screenshot, you can see some reeds by the Sanctuary tent which were removed in the final game.

Another image from the demo, showing the reeds by the Loom Sanctuary tent in better detail.

This forest next to the Shepherds' meadow was removed in the actual release, as the background was truncated.

Here the caged beast's wings poke out in front of the bars of its cage, an error corrected in the full game.

Look carefully at this background and you might notice three giant sandglasses visible inside a Crystalgard hallway.

Those sandglasses were shown in better detail in the background contained in file 21.LFL. However, disk space restrictions forced the developers to cut out the scene with the sandglasses.

Presumably when Bobbin found the sandglasses, Master Goodmold would have arrived and told him about the Great Scythe. As it stands in the finished game, there is no explanation for how Bobbin later knows of the Scythe's power.

The sandglasses were erased from the wide shot of Crystalgard in the VGA versions.

This is the close-up of the dragon as seen in the FM-TOWNS version's resource files.

During gameplay it looks a bit different, as an animated eye is superimposed over it--in the wrong place.

These two images come from a 1991 TV show about computer technology.

Interestingly, the screenshots combine the dialogue of the EGA disk version with graphics from the PC CD!

My guess is that LucasArts was working on a 256-color upgrade of the disk version, but abandoned the idea in the belief that a CD game with voice acting would sell better than a voiceless product.

Here I have recreated the two screenshots shown in the video.

A scanned screenshot from the manual of the PC CD.

The same scene as it appears in the finished PC CD release. Fleece's head has been redrawn, as well as the bottom-right graphic of the lamb.

I have recreated the original screenshot above.

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