One of LucasArts' most obscure adventure console ports was a version of Loom for a device called the PC Engine (AKA the TurboGrafx-16).

The port featured 64 colors in most screens (although a handful were left wholly untouched from the EGA version). Since the game came on CD, its music tracks were identical to those found in the FM Towns version.

ScummVM currently does not support this game, unfortunately, necessitating the use of an emulator (or an actual TurboGrafx-16 console) to play it.

Here are some images from this rather unknown release of Loom.

The difficulty menu.

The messenger nymph awakes Bobbin at the start of the game

Bobbin on the clifftop. The backgrounds on scrolling screens sometimes stretched out abnormally far.

The game's options menu. It lets you listen to all the different CD tracks.

Entering the antechamber leading into the immense Loom Sanctuary

The Long Tapestry covers the walls of the Loom chamber

Bobbin overhears the Elders talking with Hetchel

Hetchel refuses to repent of her actions in front of the Elders

A close-up of Hetchel. For some reason the dialogue in close-ups is centered in this version.

Elder Atropos is angry

The Elders discuss the strange result of the Transcendence spell

Hetchel tells Bobbin why the Elders feared him so much

"The Apocalypse is about to happen. Goodbye, Bobbin!"

Bobbin stands in front of the Loom

Leaving the Loom Sanctuary

Inside Hetchel's tent

Bobbin plays with the Dyeing draft on the Long Tapestry. Hey, the Elders aren't around anymore...

Lady Cygna's gravestone

The Loom Island dock

The clam is now a meal for seagulls...

...who proceed to clean its insides out completely.

The Weavers' money tent is completely dark, probably to keep out unwanted visitors

The money tent on Loom Island, now fully lit up

The waterspout that blocks the way to the mainland. Don't get too close!

The mainland beach

Some unfriendly Shepherds block Bobbin's way

Crystalgard, city of the Glassmakers

The most courteous Master Goodmold

Bishop Mandible and the Glassmaker Crucible haggle over the quality of the Sphere the Bishop ordered

Bobbin casts an Invisibility draft on the workers up in the tower

An invisible Bobbin overhears two Glassmakers

Bobbin learns the Draft of Terror

Cygna appears in the Glassmakers' Sphere

Bobbin happens across a sleeping Shepherd and his grazing sheep

The jumping sheep teach Bobbin the Sleep Draft

"Green sheep! Who ever heard of green sheep?"

Crossing the Shepherds' vale, Bobbin pauses to look at the graves

The Shepherds' tiny homes

Fleece Firmflanks. This shot was never upgraded from the EGA version.

Fleece points out the injured lamb she is caring for

The dragon comes down every day to steal and eat sheep, Fleece explains

Fleece's hut

The dragon Fleece mentioned earlier carries Bobbin off

The Dragon's Lair (TM).

Close-up of the pyrophobic dragon

Bobbin turns the dragon's gold into straw

Close-up of Bishop Mandible in the Sphere of Scrying

This twisting stairway is uncrossable... naturally Bobbin has to Untwist it.

Bobbin arrives on the plateau overlooking the Forge valley. How's that for a pun?

The sleeping form of Rusty Nailbender

Rusty greets Bobbin

Rusty shows Bobbin the gargantuan Forge

Bobbin outside the Forge, disguised as Rusty

The Forge's guard is fooled by Bobbin's disguise

The Forge entryway, with the gate now open

Entrance hall of the Forge

Bobbin meets Master Stoke

Stoke has ugly teeth

Trapped inside a tiny prison cell

The irate dragon descends on Rusty, whom she thinks is Bobbin

Rusty's ghost vows revenge on Bobbin

Hetchel swoops in to retrieve Bobbin's distaff

Using his distaff, Bobbin opens the cell door

Stoke's station at the central furnace of the Forge

In a gesture of kindness, Bobbin refills Stoke's woodbin. Too bad in a few hours he'll be too busy being Dead to care.

Bobbin moves to listen in on Mandible's conversation with Foreman Nailbender

The Forge guards capture Bobbin and turn him over to the Bishop

Mandible makes a grand speech to his captive audience

The Bishop wonders why Bobbin has left the mysterious Loom Island

Bobbin ponders his predicament

The Bishop reveals his plan to raise the Dead

More of Mandible's yammering about how evil he is

He's a lot uglier in person than he was in the Sphere!

Trapped in Mandible's dungeon. What sort of castle has its dungeons in a tower?!

Cob refuses to let Bobbin look in the Sphere of Scrying

Cob wants to know what's under Bobbin's hood. Big mistake.

Chaos appears when Mandible opens a rift in the Pattern

Rusty's ghost in close-up. The background behind him, and his eye color, are a deep red; this isn't the case in any other version of Loom.

Rusty's spirit shows Bobbin what Chaos' legions have done to the Forge

Bobbin contemplates Rusty-ghost and Rusty-corpse

Thanks to Bobbin, Rusty gets his body back

The Fold of the Shepherds has seen much death and destruction

Bobbin brings the dead Shepherds and sheep back to life

The Shepherds wonder at their good fortune of being alive again

The remnants of Crystalgard, and a dying Master Goodmold

Chaos steals the powerful Great Scythe from Crystalgard

The Shore of Wonder

Cygna tells Bobbin about the impending fight for the Loom

The transfigured Forge, under Chaos' command, arrives at Loom Island

Chaos swings his scythe at Hetchel

Chaos offers Bobbin a job in exchange for aid in enslaving the world

Bobbin studies the Loom, searching for the draft to give Hetchel her voice back

Chaos takes the sole remaining feather from Hetchel's body

The King of the Dead is furious when Bobbin succeeds in unmaking the Loom

The rent halves of the world--Bobbin on one side and Chaos on the other

Bobbin, outside the Pattern, prepares to cast his final draft... or is it?

Chaos can do nothing but curse at Bobbin now

The swans fly away, carrying their half of the Loom

Fleece watches the swans fly across the sky

The swans go off into the night sky at the end of the game

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