Screenshots of Loom for the FM-TOWNS The FM-TOWNS was a Japanese computer released around 1990. LucasArts ported several of their early adventures to this system, including Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders and Loom.

Loom on the FM-TOWNS is something of an oddity. The port was made at a time when LucasArts was still working on upgrading the original 16-color version of the game to VGA. As a result, many of the FM-TOWNS release's 256-color backgrounds are still works-in-progress.

However, LucasArts never released a finished 256-color upgrade of Loom's floppy disk version. Instead, the company put out a VGA PC CD release, with full voice acting. However, to accommodate the large sound files, the developers rewrote and condensed all of the dialogue, including many lengthy cutscenes.

Below are numerous screenshots from the rather rare FM-TOWNS port of Loom.

The opening Lucasfilm Games logo.

The title screen. The glowing effect is truncated on the right side of the trademark symbol.

A close-up of Bobbin Threadbare. Most of the close-ups seen in the EGA and FM-TOWNS versions were omitted in the PC CD.

Starting the game. Bobbin's sprite when he faces forward without his distaff is different than in the PC CD.

Pausing the game.

Loading a game with the FM-TOWNS save/load menu.

Nearly saving a game with the FM-TOWNS save/load menu.

Bobbin overhears the Elders in the Sanctuary. To the right of the screen, the Loom sparkles with color, an effect not used in the PC CD.

Hetchel and the Elders. The Loom in the background looks much as it did in the EGA version, and Clothos' sprite is drawn a bit differently than in the US CD.


Incidentally, most of the closeups in the FM-TOWNS version appear with minor modifications in the PC CD datafiles, though they're never used.

Elder Atropos in close-up.

More of the Elders' judgment of Hetchel.

Cygna the swan flies down into the Sanctuary, an animation not featured in the US CD.

Cygna and the Transfigured Elders fly back Outside the Pattern--another shot cut out in the PC CD.

Hetchel the cygnet tells Bobbin of the dark times to come.

Bobbin holding the distaff. The FM-TOWNS game features a VGA staff, but in the PC CD the staff is still in 16 colors.

In the FM-TOWNS version, Lady Cygna's gravestone is transcribed for easier reading.

In this version selected objects have a white border around their identifying graphic in the bottom right, and their name appears below the border.

This contrasts with the PC CD, where there is no white border and the words are superimposed on top of the bottom-right graphic.

The FM-TOWNS male shepherds are dressed in gray, unlike the brown of the 16-color and PC CD editions.

Bobbin meets with Master Goodmold in Crystalgard.

Master Goodmold, close up.

Bobbin at the foot of a large tower in Crystalgard. The small inset picture of the workers was changed to an image of the towertop in the PC CD.

Bishop Mandible talks with the brown-bearded Master Crucible.

Two minor Glassmakers polish the Great Scythe.

More of the grey-robed Shepherds, as seen in the Sphere of Scrying

A napping shepherd and his grazing sheep.

Disturing the sheep plays the Draft of Waking and causes the Shepherd to rouse

Bobbin meets Fleece Firmflanks. In the disk and PC CD versions, there is a column on the left side of the screen to match the one next to the crib.

A close-up of Fleece. Notice her green eyes here, compared to the blue of her sprite.

Fleece sings to a dying sheep. Her head was redrawn for the US CD version.

In the dragon's cave, deep within a mountain.

Close-up of the dragon.

The mountain cavern maze. The entrance and exit are in VGA here, but are in EGA in the PC CD.

Bobbin descends onto the plateau overlooking the Forge. The place where Rusty is sleeping is farther to the right in the PC CD.

Rusty's face.

Disguised as Rusty, Bobbin enters the Forge.

Bobbin enters the room where Master Stoke is managing the great furnace.

Stoke is angry when "Rusty" brings back one stick of firewood.

An angry dragon swoops down on what it thinks is Bobbin. This close-up was not seen in the PC CD version of this cutscene.

Bobbin wakes up when his Draft of Reflection abruptly ceases, in another scene left unused in the US CD.

Stoke throws Bobbin's staff into the furnace, where it begins to glow. The exterior of Bobbin's cell, shown as he looks through the bars, was not seen in the PC CD.

Rusty's death allows Hetchel to return to the Pattern, a minor point glossed over in the PC CD.

Seeing the distress signal from Bobbin's distaff, Hetchel flies down into the Forge, in another scene cut from the PC CD.

Bobbin spies on Mandible and Foreman Nailbender.

The inset picture at bottom right is in VGA, but was converted back to EGA in the PC CD.

Mandible reveals his knowledge of Bobbin's origins.

Cob's sprite is dotted with purple pustules in the PC CD, though not here.

The Bishop waits for Bobbin to Open his cage.

Mandible's mitre is colored a bit differently than in the PC CD.

The Bishop's ego is rather over-inflated. I should guess that comes with being a pope, though.

Cob stands guard in the dungeon of Mandible's palace.

A close-up of the hideously ugly Cob.

Bobbin on the parapet, just before Mandible casts the spell that shreds the Pattern.

In the FM-TOWNS game Chaos floats up from the bottom of the screen, whereas in the PC CD he shimmers into being just above the parapet.

Rusty's ghost hovers over his corpse as Bobbin returns to the scene.

Close-up of the ghostly Rusty.

The Dead have turned the Forge into their new fortress, a massive storm cloud.

After Rusty is healed, he exits to the left of the screen. In the PC CD he goes down the steps to where the Forge used to be.

Bobbin discovers the dead Shepherds. This background was redrawn entirely for the PC CD.

Healing the dead shepherds.

Bobbin finds the dying Master Goodmold in the ruins of Crystalgard.

Chaos takes the Great Scythe of Crystalgard. The dead Glassmakers here were colored an odd crimson in the PC CD.

Cygna greets Bobbin as he reaches the Shore of Wonder. Her wake on the crystalline lake is an odd purple color.

Here Cygna's trail on the lake is a more fitting icy blue.

Cygna tells Bobbin who she is, and warns him of Chaos' ultimate goal.

In the PC CD release Chaos was turned into a female entity. Here, however, Chaos is male.

The stormcloud approaches Loom Island. In the FM-TOWNS edition it is tinted blue in the twilight, though in the PC CD it is a solid gray.

Chaos tries to sweet-talk Bobbin into giving him access to the Loom.

For the PC CD this closeup's gradient background was replaced with a flat purple one.

Hetchel counsels Bobbin to resist Chaos's blandishments.

Bobbin's duel with Chaos. In the PC CD he picks up Hetchel's feather automatically, but not in this release.

The unmaking of the Loom splits apart Loom Island. This animation was not used in the PC CD.

With the Loom unmade, Chaos rages impotently at Bobbin.

The Loom unmade, with Bobbin and Chaos on opposite sides.

Bobbin casts Transcendence on himself. An effect not seen here, but present in the PC CD, is that his eyes glow to match the color of the four notes in the draft.

Fleece and Rusty watch as the swans fly away with half of the Loom. These two small scenes were cut out of the PC CD.

The end credits.

Below are some screenshots from the PC CD version of Loom, as a comparison.

The new LucasArts logo.

The title screen, with the edge of the glow on the TM fixed.

Bobbin is woken up by the messenger nymph. The gradient is a bit different than in the FM-TOWNS release.

The Loom Sanctuary.

Many of the characters in the US CD version do a lot of extra gesturing.

The Loom in the PC CD has a much better-looking palette-cycling effect.

Inside Hetchel's tent.

Lady Cygna's gravestone.

The Shepherds, clad in brown.

Outside Crystalgard. The small picture of the workers has now become a picture of the tower.

Bobbin encounters Master Goodmold.

Master Crucible is seen behind the green glass with a clearly white beard.

Also, the golden bell in the teleport cubicle next to the Sphere is missing, oddly.

A new close-up added for the CD version.

Flute and Stopper, the workers polishing the Scythe.

Looking inside the Sphere reveals the Terror draft.

The sheep and the dozing shepherd with his new brown robe.

Bobbin meets Fleece in the shepherd's hut. The left-side column from the disk version has been re-added.

Fleece tries a healing spell with little success. Note her new head and green eyes.

The dragon. The CD animators added in arms, which she uses to fiddle with her mounds of gold.

The underground maze.

Bobbin arrives in the land of the Forge. Rusty is now sleeping over to the right.

The truncated cutscene of Rusty's death and Hetchel's return of the distaff. In this version Bobbin doesn't wake up until the staff slides under his cell door.

The Bishop meets with Rusty's father to discuss the forging of ten thousand swords.

Mandible hold Bobbin prisoner. You can see here the purple pustles on Cob.

Another new closeup for the PC CD.

Bishop Mandible rants on about his plans to conquer the world. He's obviously never read the Evil Overlord list.

Cob blocks the way out of the Cleric Palace's dungeon

Mandible on the parapet, preparing to unleash the apocalypse.

Chaos meets Mandible. Looks like the proofreaders were slacking a bit.

On returning to the Forge, Bobbin encounters Rusty's ghost.

Rusty leaves in search of his fellow Guild members.

Fleece begs Bobbin to help the dying wizards.

This background was drawn especially for the PC CD, replacing a wider shot of the scene.

Bobbin restores the Shepherds to life.

The dying Master Goodmold lies in the Crystalgard crypt.

Chaos steals the Great Scythe.

Bobbin meets Cygna at last.

Chaos' floating fortress descends upon Loom Island.

Hetchel warns Bobbin not to be tempted by Chaos. Notice the word her as opposed to the original him.

Chaos battles Bobbin.

With the Loom unmade, Chaos' dream of empire is partially thwarted.

The rift in the Pattern has separated Bobbin and Chaos.

Bobbin casts the Draft of Transcendence upon himself.

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