Monkey Island 1 Demo/Full Game Comparison Two standalone demos were released for The Secret of Monkey Island: one in EGA for the PC, and a 32-color one for the Amiga. The demos featured identical puzzles that were different from those in the full game. The object of the demos was to assemble a "magic phrase" that would let Guybrush pass a troll who was blocking the path out of Melee Town.

Below are comparisons of the graphics in those demos to their respective full game versions, as well as notes on differences between the demos.

EGA demo: Guybrush appears in a parody of public-service ads.

EGA game: The closeup of Guybrush in the demo was taken from this in-game image.

Amiga demo: Guybrush.

Amiga game: The full-game version of the closeup.

EGA demo: A caption names this pirate as "One-Eyed Frank." But in the full game Mancomb Seepgood refers to him by name as Estevan.

EGA game: Estevan. In the EGA version his eyes dart around furiously when he tells the story of LeChuck, an effect not used in the detailed VGA portraits.

Amiga demo: One-Eyed Frank.

Amiga game: Estevan.

EGA demo: The Lucasfilm Games logo has a sparkle that rolls across it.

Amiga demo: The company logo is now bronze, and it doesn't sparkle.

EGA demo: The title logo.

EGA game: The final logo.

Amiga demo: The MI logo features an odd upward point on the top of the I.

Amiga game: The Amiga final logo lacks the pointed I of the demo logo.

EGA demo: This is where Guybrush starts out, on the Melee Island dock.

Notice there's a door where the poster of Elaine is in the final game. A hint at content cut from the final release, maybe?

Amiga demo: the sunset in the distance has been removed, and the moon is now visible. Plus the poster of Elaine has replaced the mysterious door.

EGA demo: This troll refuses to let Guybrush pass until he can say the "magic words."

EGA game: In the final product the troll is found on this bridge in the woods of Melee Island.

Amiga demo: the troll.

Amiga game: The Amiga final product recolors the character sprites to look more realistic.

EGA demo: More of the introductory screen.

EGA game: When Guybrush first arrives in Melee Town the sunset is visible on the horizon.

In the full game the dock is much longer than in the demo.

EGA game: After Guybrush enters and leaves the screen a few times, the sunset disappears.

Amiga demo: The rest of the screen with the dock and the SCUMM bar.

Amiga game: Every version of MI1 other than the original EGA release omits the sunset on the Melee dock.

EGA demo: The Scumm Bar interior has been shortened drastically.

EGA game: The SCUMM Bar is much bigger, and there's now a skull painted over the kitchen door.

Amiga demo: The skull painted over the kitchen door in the full game is also visible here, unlike in the EGA demo.

Amiga game: The SCUMM Bar.

EGA demo: The candles in the kitchen flicker, an effect not used in the full game.

EGA game: The "red herring" in inventory is renamed "fish", and the "hunk o' meat" becomes the "hunk of meat".

Amiga demo: Here too the candles flicker, and the effect is also missing in the final Amiga game.

Amiga game: The changes in inventory object names appear here as well.

EGA demo: Guybrush enters the main crossroads of Melee Town.

EGA game: The sunset is visible on this screen as well.

Amiga demo: High and Low Streets merge here.

Amiga game: Since the sunset was removed from the dock screen, it disappears here as well.

EGA demo: The Citizen of Melee gives Guybrush a copy of Game Player's Magazine for free.

EGA game: This shady fellow is now selling a map... for a price.

Amiga demo: In this demo the Citizen of Melee is offering the map to the Lost Treasure, and Guybrush doesn't have the money to buy it. Note, however, that the document shown in the mapseller's hands is not the treasure map, but Game Player's Magazine from the EGA demo.

Amiga game: The Game Player's Magazine has been replaced by a treasure map.

EGA demo: Instead of an archway leading to more of the town, the jail sits at the end of the street.

You can learn the Men of Low Moral Fiber's names in the demo: Frank, Fred, and Fin. Frank is the tall fellow who has the pegleg in MI2, Fred is the short, fat, bald little fellow who laughs at everything the others say, and Fin is the black-haired and bearded pirate with no shoes on.

EGA game: The jail is gone.

EGA game: This is how the jail looks in the finished release.

Amiga demo: The repositioned jail.

Amiga game: The final version of the main street.

Amiga game: The actual version of the jail exterior.

EGA demo: The interior of the voodoo parlor.

EGA game: Guybrush enters the Voodoo Lady's house. He's positioned differently than in the demo.

Amiga demo: Inside the voodoo parlor.

Amiga game: The voodoo shop.

EGA demo: Talking with the Voodoo Lady.

EGA game: The Voodoo Lady predicts Guybrush's future.

Amiga demo: The Voodoo Lady tells Guybrush to put part of the fish in the cauldron before she will help him out.

Amiga game: The cauldron only appears in the game during the fortune-telling sessions.

EGA demo: Guybrush turns to face the camera after seeing the Voodoo Lady.

If you try to make Guybrush pick up the chalice he says "Better not... I might choose poorly." It's a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

EGA game: When done talking with the Voodoo Lady, Guybrush turns to face the door.

Amiga demo: The voodoo shop with the door open.

Amiga game: When Guybrush is told to take the chalice in the game, he says "No thanks. I'd rather not touch any of this creepy voodoo stuff."

EGA demo: The jail is pretty much the same as in the full game.

EGA game: Inside the jail.

Amiga demo: The jail.

Amiga game: Otis has some pretty nasty breath.

EGA demo: The voodoo parlor's door remains open if you don't close it.

EGA game: In the full game the door to the voodoo shop closes behind Guybrush when he exits.

Amiga demo: The main thoroughfare again.

Amiga game: In the game Guybrush walks toward the camera quite a ways when he comes through the archway, but in the demo he stands just outside the jail entrance when he exits it.

EGA demo: Guybrush hands the fish over to the troll.

Amiga demo: The final scene.

EGA demo: The title logo comes up again after Guybrush heads off into the rest of Melee Island.

Amiga demo: Here the title logo doesn't pop up again.

EGA demo: The credits. The "Contest Questions" refer to an old promotion that Lucasfilm Games did for MI1.

Amiga demo: The credits now feature info on the Amiga conversion, and the contest questions are gone.

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