The Monkey Island 2 Demo: A Compendium of Changes This page records nearly all the changes of graphics and dialogue which were implemented into Monkey Island 2 after the release of the non-playable demo. Much of the information below isn't seen in a standard viewing of the rolling demo. However, if you open the demo in ScummVM you can play it, although much of the data the game would need to function properly is missing.

It's my ambition to chronicle almost every bit of dialogue in the demo that was altered in the final MI2. However, I've left out minor grammar corrections, as for the most part those aren't worth my time as a compiler and yours as a reader.

Quite a few visual changes were made, too. Perhaps the most interesting changes were made to backgrounds and character animations, but I've also detailed alternate inventory items.

One thing which I've noticed when going through the datafiles is that there are quite a few extra names of rooms which didn't survive into the final MI2. Pity the data for them isn't present.

For some images of the original Monkey Island 1-style 12-green-verbs interface used in early development of MI2, click here.

The original MI2 title screen.

The final title lacks the monkey holding the number 2.

The start of the demo. The shovel on the sign is much smaller than in the final game. Also, the wreckage in the water below the bridge looks different.

In the full game a new wreck has replaced the old one, and comes complete with fancy parallax scrolling. In addition, the stars have been redrawn to look nicer.

Just about every background depicting water in the released game uses a palette-shifting effect to create the illusion of waves, but that's not present in the demo.

The sign at the Woodtick entrance which contains the shovel reads "No Trezer huntin zone", leaving out the "Welcome to Woodtick" which precedes those words in the final game.

Largo says Outta my way! when Guybrush tries to cross the bridge, instead of Where do you think YOU'RE going, fancy-pants? If Guybrush tries to leave the screen by the way he came in, Largo says Hey you! Stop right there! as opposed to the final game, wherein Guybrush says Whoops. Excuse me. and Largo retorts Outta my way, fancy-pants! On second thought, stop right there!

When Largo leaves after robbing Guybrush, the text shows his name to be Largo LaGrandé, with an accent over the e.

If Guybrush tries to take the shovel before crossing the bridge, Largo enters the scene before he can pick it up. In the finished game he can pick up the shovel without being disturbed by Largo.

The line I don't pay for nothin'. I'm a pirate! doesn't appear when talking to Largo. Instead, one of the remarks used by pirates on the Melee Island road in MI1 shows up: Move it, or I cuts my way through.

Demo: The sign outside the Bloody Lip Bar and Grill which advertises "Help Wanted" is missing. Also, the sign advertising the name of the bar isn't a "lookable" object.

Full game: The sign now provides a clue to a puzzle.

Demo: On the left wall you can see a picture and a wooden fish that were removed in the final game. The fish was left in the Amiga version of MI2, though.

Full game: Some peg legs are now hanging from the ceiling that weren't there before.

Also notable is a flickering-light effect in this and other screens in the game that doesn't show up in the demo.

The conversation between Guybrush and the Woodsmith has some different dialogue:

Guybrush: Ahem...

Woodsmith: Can I help you with something?

Guybrush: Yes. Do you know anything about Largo?

Woodsmith: Yah, who doesn't know about that bossy butt?
I wish I could make him disappear...
...but there's too much work to do here already.
Is there anything else I can help you with?

Guybrush: I was wondering what you do here?

Woodsmith: I fix broken things made of wood.
Is there anything else I can help you with?

In the final game it's like this:

Guybrush: Ahem...

Woodsmith: Yeah?

Guybrush: What's the problem with that Largo guy?

Woodsmith: He really goes against my grain!
I'd like to make an end table out of him...
but I don't have the guts.
With all my tools, I'm still unable to create the one thing that could do this island some good.

Guybrush: Like, an all-night tattoo parlor?

Woodsmith: No, like a voodoo doll of Largo LaGrande!

Guybrush: Oh.

Guybrush: Nice apron. Are you some sort of chef?

Woodsmith: No, I'm a woodsmith.
Which gives one of us an excuse for dressing funny.

After the woodchuck debate, which is the same in both versions, in the demo this ends the conversation:

Woodsmith: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Guybrush: Actually, I think I'll just look around.

In the actual game Guybrush says I'd like to look around a bit, and the woodsmith says Sure thing.

If Guybrush ends the conversation prematurely with the line I'd just like to browse, thanks, in the final product the woodsmith will say OK, but don't touch anything, but in the demo he says nothing.

If you try to pick up the hammer or nails, the woodsmith may say Get your hands away from there! In the full game the line is Get away from there! He might also say Oh, no you don't! or What do you think your doing?, which he doesn't in the released version.

In the demo the woodsmith's animation shows him using a saw, but in the finished release he uses both a saw and a hammer in his work.

When Guybrush talks to Wally about Big Whoop, instead of Um... I really don't know much about it at all, one of Guybrush's possible dialogue lines is I think it was named by a four-year-old boy. A clue to the ending, perhaps?

Also, Wally's line Some say it's name was Inky Island, but I don't believe that, and the resulting dialogue choices, are omitted in the demo; and after the line Well, I don't even know their names, Wally will say You know, that reminds me... I've got to get to the library and look that up... even if the Largo Embargo is still in place. In the full game, if Largo is still on Scabb, he'll say ...I'd go look them up at the Phatt City library... ...if it weren't for this stupid Largo Embargo!

Demo: The Bloody Lip interior. The piano is very crudely drawn (it must not have been part of the original background painting) and there's a spittoon on the floor.

When Guybrush looks at the spittoon he says Gross. It's full of spit. If you try to make him pick it up he says I don't want to carry around the spit of strangers. If you try to give the spittoon to the bartender Guybrush says I'm not holding the spittoon, although he'll never pick it up.

Full game: The piano looks much nicer, and the spittoon is gone.

The conversation with the bartender is majorly different in the demo.

Guybrush: Excuse me...

Guybrush: I single-handedly destroyed a tyrannous dictator. OR Once, I saved a whole race of people from sure death. OR I'm the bravest little pirate in the world. (the line is chosen at random) Bartender: Is this your "how I rid the world of LeChuck" story?

Guybrush: How'd you know?

Bartender: I've heard it so many times, I can recognize it a mile away.

Guybrush: Yah, well...
So, anyway...
You see, there was this ghost pirate named LeChuck.
He was 12 feet tall and he was stronger than a ten ton mega-truck.

Bartender: I really don't care, Guybrush.

Guybrush: Did I ever tell you about how I kicked LeChuck's butt?

Bartender: Over and over and over again.
I really don't care, Guybrush.

Guybrush: I'd like a mug of grog, please.

Bartender: You look too young to drink, Boy.

Guybrush: I'm old enough.

Bartender: Ya, well...
I'd offer you some near-grog, but I just sold the last o' it to Kate.

Guybrush: Oh.

Bartender: Of course, if you have some ID...

Guybrush: I must have left my ID in my other pants. OR Ah, never mind. (If you choose the latter line, the following three lines are omitted.)

Bartender: Sorry.
The law says I can't serve anyone under 21.
No ID usually means under 21.

Guybrush: Do you have much of a problem with the law?

Bartender: Let's just say I want to keep on the good side of it.

Guybrush: Why?

Bartender: Well, I don't get many customers...
...and I keep getting robbed...

Largo: Barkeep!

Bartender: (Speak of the Devil.)

Largo: Give me my usual.
And put it in a real glass.

(The rest of the scene with Largo is unviewable in the demo due to missing resources.

Clicking the dialogue line How's business? instead of I'd like a mug of grog, please leads to the barkeeper saying Well, I don't get many customers... and the start of the Largo scene.

After the scene is over, the conversation resumes.)

Guybrush: Why are you so afraid of that wimpy Largo guy?

Bartender: It's not so much Largo as it is who his boss was.

Guybrush: What do you mean?

Bartender: I'd rather not say any more about it.

Guybrush: Please?

Bartender: No.

When you get the cook fired for contaminating the stew, the dialogue runs as transcribed here:

Guybrush: Hey...Ah...How's the stew tonight?

Bartender: We don't make stew, but our new cook makes a very fine vichyssoise.
I'll go get some for you.

(The barkeep goes into the kitchen.)

Bartender: I need to taste your vichyssoice before I serve it.
There's a rat in here!

Guybrush: Hee, hee, hee!

Bartender: I CAN'T SERVE THIS!

(The cook flees in disgrace. The bartender comes back to the counter, talking as he moves.)

Bartender: ARGH! I can't believe the nerve of that guy!
The guy I hired as a cook thought he could get away with putting a rat in the vichyssoice.
Probably wanted to keep the meat money for himself.

Guybrush: So, does this mean you have employment opportunities?

Bartender: Sure does. You interested?

Guybrush: Yes, I'd like to take the job. (Or you can choose No, I'm not interested in the job, to which the barkeep responds Well, come back and see me if you change your mind. Or you can also choose to say Maybe later. I want to go now, and the bartender replies Okay. Hope to see you soon. You can then restart the conversation and ask About that job...)

Bartender: Great! The job is yours.
Here's a portion of your wages.
You'll get the rest later.

Guybrush: When would that be?

Bartender: A really, really long time from now.
Now, go start working in the kitchen.

(Guybrush goes into the kitchen.)

Below is the transcript of when Guybrush gives the bartender the library card.

Guybrush: Will you accept a temporary library card?

Bartender: That's good enough for me.

Guybrush: Don't you want to see it?

Bartender: Yah, okay.

(Guybrush shows the card to the barkeeper, who makes a randomized joke about one of the details on the card.)

Bartender: Can I get you a drink?

Guybrush: Will you have more near-grog later? (Or you can say Yes, I'd like a drink, which brings up a conversation recorded below. Or, you can ask Who's this Kate person? the answer to which I have also transcribed further down. Or you can say Thanks. But I must be going.)

Bartender: Sorry. I'm not getting another shipment of near-grog in for another month.

Guybrush: You mentioned Kate. Who is she?

Bartender: She's our favorite piratess, Courageous Kate Capsize.
She's so courageous; she'll do anything (if you pay her).

Guybrush: I'd like to get a drink, please.

Bartender: What type of drink would you like?

Guybrush: What type of drinks do you have?

Bartender: I have:
Yellow Beards's Baby,
Bloody Stump, and
Blue Whale.

Guybrush: I'd like a Yellow Beard's Baby. (Or either of the other two drinks--the responses are the same. Or choose Actually, I don't want a drink right now.)

Bartender: That'll be one piece o' eight.

Guybrush: Okay.

Bartender: Here you go.
And here's a complimentary crazy straw.
We give them to all new customers of The Bloody Lip.

In the final game the conversation is more like this:

Guybrush: Excuse me...

Bartender: Yeah, boy?

Guybrush: Wanna see my scar?

Bartender: Depends.
Is there a good story behind it?

Guybrush: As a matter of fact, there is.
It's the story of the Ghost Pirate LeChuck and his gruesome demise--

Bartender: Heard it.
This the one where he drinks too much root beer and burps so hard he explodes, right?

Guybrush: Not exactly...

Bartender: Frankly, I don't care much for stories that promote moderation in drinking.
I do have a business to run, you know.

Guybrush: How's business?

Bartender: It's just terrible...
No one ever comes down here anymore.
Largo's got all my regulars spooked.

You know, I can mix any drink there is...
...make anything you could name...
...but I can't make the one thing that could really do this island some good.

Guybrush: What's that?

Bartender: A voodoo doll of Largo LaGrande!

Largo: You there!

Bartender: (Uh-oh.)

Largo: Give me my usual.
And put it in a real glass!

(After Largo leaves, the conversation resumes.)

Guybrush: Grog, please.
Shaken, not stirred.

Bartender: Ha ha ha!
Maybe you'd like a Shirley Temple instead?

Guybrush: I'm old enough!
Look at my beard!

Bartender: Ha!
That's the oldest trick in the book!
Tell you what--I'll let you have some near-grog.
It doesn't have any alcohol in it...
...but it's just as nasty-smelling and foul-tasting as that stuff grown-ups drink.

Guybrush: Right on!

Bartender: Oh, wait. What am I saying?
I just sold the last of it to Kate.

Guybrush: Rats.

Bartender: Of course, if you have some ID...

Guybrush: I must have left my ID in my other pants. (Or you can pick the line In that case, I'll take my business elsewhere, in which case the barkeep says Sorry, kid. Or, you can ask Who's this Kate person you mentioned? Scroll down for the resulting lines.)

Bartender: You'll have to do better than that.
No ID, no service.

(If you haven't asked How's business? yet, the barkeep goes on:)

Bartender: It's the law.
And let's just say I want to keep on the good side of it.

Guybrush: Why?

Bartender: Because the law around here isn't the law at all.
It's Largo!

(Then he goes on to say You know, I can mix any drink there is... and the Largo scene goes on from there. If you instead pick the line In that case, I'll take my business elsewhere before Largo comes in, though, the barkeep says, Aw, don't be sore, kid. It's the law. Let's just say I want to keep on the good side of it. The scene proceeds from there.)

Guybrush: I saw your sign outside. What's the job?

Bartender: Oh, yeah.
I really should take that thing down.
I hired a new cook just this morning.
But, if things don't work out with him, I'll let you know.

Guybrush: Is that job available yet?

Bartender: Sorry.
That guy I hired is doing just fine, so far.

Guybrush: Who's this Kate person?

Bartender: Ah, the Courageous Captain Kate Capsize...
Tough as steel, sharp as nails.
She rents her ship out...
...does some free-lance pirating.
Her only loyalty is to the highest bidder.
Don't get on her bad side.

Here's the firing of Bernard the cook, as it appears in the finished game.

Guybrush: Hey... Ah... How's the stew tonight?

Bartender: Stew?
How gauche!
We only serve gourmet chilled soups here.
In fact, our new cook has been working all day on a very special vichyssoise.
Let me go see how he's doing.

(The barkeep goes over into the kitchen.)

Bartender: How's the vichyssoise, Bernard?

Bernard: Excellent, sir. Won't you have a taste?

Bartender: I think I will...
What kind of demented recipe book are you using?!?

Guybrush: Hee, hee, hee!

Bartender: You're fired!

Bernard: But sir!

Bartender: Out!
Get out of my sight!

(Bernard the cook leaves as the barkeep continues to rant in the kitchen.)

Bartender: This is the most disgusting, filthy mess I've ever seen in my life!
Look at all the hair!
And what's this stuff!
How am I ever going to get rid of this junk?

(The bartender comes back to the counter and sets a tray of stew in front of Guybrush.)

Bartender: Well, here's your soup.

Guybrush: Uh...
...I'm really not that hungry anymore.

Bartender: Dang. (He whisks the tray out of sight.)
Hey, can you cook?

Guybrush: A little.

Bartender: How'd you like a career in the fast-paced world of pub-food cuisine?

Guybrush: Are you saying there's an opening in the kitchen?

Bartender: Yeah. You interested?

Guybrush: I dunno. How much does it pay?

Bartender: 420 pieces of eight a week.
First week paid in advance.

Guybrush: Sure, I'll give it a shot. (You can also select No thanks. I like being my own boss, to which the barkeep says Well, come back and see me if you change your mind. Or you can choose Can I have some time to think about it? to which the barkeep responds Sure, sure. Take your time. In either case, you can return to this topic by saying to him About that job..., to which he'll reply Are you interested?)

Bartender: Great! The job is yours.
Here's a week's worth of wages.
Now, go strap on an apron and get to work.

Guybrush: Okeydokey.

(Guybrush walks over to the kitchen.)

Now here's the scene where Guybrush uses a temporary library card to order a drink.

Guybrush: Will you accept a temporary library card?

Bartender: Let me see it.

(He examines the card and makes a comment about one of the personal details Guybrush put on it.)

Bartender: Alright...
Can I get you that drink now?

Guybrush: Will you have more near-grog later? (You can also say Yeah, I could really use it, and the conversation about drinks ensues. Or you can say Maybe later. I gotta go now, to which the barkeep says Yeah, alright.)

Bartender: Nope.
Next shipment is a month from now.

Guybrush: Bartender, get me a drink.

Bartender: Name yer poison.

Guybrush: Whaddya got?

Bartender: Well, we have some speciality drinks here at the Bloody Lip...
Yellow Beard's Baby,
Bloody Stump, and
Blue Whale.

Guybrush: I'll have Yellow Beard's Baby. (You can also order the two other drinks, which I cover below. Or you can say Come to think of it, I'm not that thirsty, and the barkeep will say Don't have the stomach for it, eh?.)

Bartender: Well, you can try, but I don't think nature's on your side.
Ha ha ha!

Guybrush: Just give me the drink, please.

Bartender: Hey, I have to crack jokes.
It's a union thing.
That'll be one piece o' eight.

Guybrush: OK.

Bartender: Here you go.
And here's a complimentary crazy straw.
We give them to all new customers of The Bloody Lip.

Guybrush: Bartender, get me a drink.

Bartender: Name yer poison.

Guybrush: Give me a Bloody Stump.

Bartender: I can't. Chain saw's out of gas!
Ha ha ha.

Guybrush: Hilarious.

Bartender: Yeah, I crack myself up.
That'll be one piece of eight.

Guybrush: OK.

Bartender: Here you go.

Guybrush: Bartender, get me a drink.

Bartender: Name yer poison.

Guybrush: Mix me up a Blue Whale.

Bartender: Sorry. Blender's not big enough!
Ah ha ha!
But seriously...
That'll be one piece of eight.

Guybrush: OK.

Bartender: There she blows!

Since the sign advertising the job in the kitchen only exists in the final game, you can't ask about it in the demo. In the full game, though, you can't ask why the barkeep is afraid of Largo.

Incidentally, if you hover the mouse over the bartender, in the demo the Sentence Line calls him the "bar keeper", though in the game he's the "barkeeper".

If you look at the piano in the demo, Guybrush says It's a Steinway. In the finished release he says I should have listened to my mother--I should have practiced.

The line for exiting the conversation with the barkeep before all topics have been covered is Oops, I didn't mean to bother you in the demo, but Nice place you have here. Well, see ya in the finished game.

When Guybrush drinks the green drink, he says Ahem. This stuff makes my spit thick, not Boy... This stuff makes my spit thick..

Demo: The kitchen. In the final game the knife was made a bit more prominent and the plates on the table were removed.

Full game: Yup, it's just as I said.

Demo: Woodtick's local cleaners. The box in which Guybrush traps the rat is drawn differently from in the final game.

Full game: The box looks much more realistic now.

In the conversation with the Men of Low Moral Fiber, Guybrush has the option of saying I'm Guybrush. You tried to sell me a fake map in the last game, while the finished product has the more detailed (and accurate) line I'm Guybrush. You tried to sell me the minutes of a PTA meeting in the last game, claiming it was a map.

In the demo, after the line We wanted to take passengers on sight-seeing trips... one of the three pirates says ...and search for the treasure of Big Whoop in our spare time. In the full game that line was replaced by ...and search for a place called Drinky Island in our spare time. Boy, did we ever want to get there! Aside from the obvious reason, we had inside information that Drinky was in fact the resting place of the legendary treasure of... Big Whoop!

When talking to Mad Marty, Guybrush can choose the dialogue line I'd like to know more about your business, but absolutely nothing happens when you click on it.

Plus, when Guybrush asks Do you do alterations here? Mad Marty's reply is not Alter rations? You mean, change the numbers on your food stamps? You've got some nerve! but rather Yes, the voodoo woman offers alternative child care.

When Guybrush gives Marty Largo's laundry claim ticket, Marty says I'll see what we have ready, Mr. Largo, not I'll see what we have ready for Mr. LaGrande.

Demo: The Swamp Rot Inn. There's a candelabra on the table and a small key hanging behind the counter.

Full game: The candlestick and key are both gone.

Demo: Largo's room. The dressing screen on the left is not yet a "lookable" object.

Full game: The toupee looks slightly different.

If you hover the mouse over Largo's bed, you'll find an invisible "clean, white shirt". But when you pick it up, it turns into Largo's bra in the inventory.

Demo: Largo's room with the door closed.

Full game: Now the door doesn't quite close all the way, as Guybrush himself notes. Perfect for setting a trap...

Demo: The image of the bucket o' mud on Largo's door jamb is obviously not the final product.

Full game: Ah, that looks much nicer.

In the scene where Largo steals LeChuck's living beard from Guybrush, in the demo he faces the audience when he announces Look out world! The most fearsome pirate of all time will soon sail the seas again!

Demo: The Scabb Island map. Or should I say Scab Island?

There's a lagoon at the bottom of the map which was later removed, the cemetery isn't fenced in, the swamp isn't really visible, and there are multiple campfires on the beach.

Full game: The name has been corrected and various details of the island altered.

Demo: The beach on Scabb Island. That stick is a lot bigger there than it is in the actual game.

Full game: The stick is a much more portable size.

Demo: Bart and Fink are not properly drawn yet.

Full game: The two pirates are more than ugly blobs of color.

You can teleport inside the crypt in which Rapp Scallion is buried.

Demo: The images of the open coffins hadn't been drawn yet, so a big green OPEN sign appears on a closed casket when Guybrush opens one. Plus, Guybrush says Yowsa when he opens it.

Full game: The coffins look proper now when they're opened, and Guybrush says Hmmm. on seeing Rapp's ashes.

Demo: Ville de la Booty. Dread's ship is missing, and a fairly nice one is present instead. If Guybrush looks at it he says WOW! Nice ship.

Full game: Captain Dread's ship has been inserted. When Guybrush looks at it he says What a piece of junk, an interesting counterpoint to the line in the demo.

If you try to enter the antique shop Guybrush will say I can't go in that door in this version.

When Augustus DeWaat asks You in town for Mardi Gras? in the demo you have the option of saying Hey, if it's a party, I'm there, to which he'll reply, Well, if it's a party your looking for... I hear Governor Marley is having some super shin-dig up at her mansion.

Also, if you reply Dang! There goes all my fun when DeWaat alludes to the mishaps on last year's treasure hunt, he'll say Well, if it's fun you're looking for... I hear Governor Marley is having some super shin-dig up at her mansion instead of the final game's line Well, there's always Governor Marley's party.

You can't ask Captain Kate about Big Whoop in the demo. Also, when you hover the cursor over her in the demo, the Sentence Line will say "Captain Kate" even if you haven't talked to her. Before Guybrush talks to her in the full game, the Sentence Line refers to her as "woman in big hat".

Demo: Stan's Previously Owned Coffins. The entire room was redesigned after the demo came out, and the flickering candles were removed.

Full game: The new background is brighter and more suited to a daytime scene. Stan's pants and stockings have been given a blue tint which they didn't have before, as well.

When you leave the shop in the demo, Stan doesn't give you the handkerchief. I guess the specifics of the endgame puzzle, and thus the need for it, weren't fully worked out yet.

Demo: With Stan locked in his own coffin, Guybrush can explore at his leisure. The skeleton key is silver here, unlike in the final game.

Full game: The key to Stan's Kozy Krypts is golden.

The spitting contest. Notice the banner: Pirate's Spit Contest. So which pirate owns this spit contest anyways?

Check out the inventory arrows. They're oddly bright compared to the rest of the interface.

Full game: The banners now read Pirates' Spit Contest and are thus grammatically correct.

Notice too that the inventory arrows match the color of the verbs.

Another image of the spitting contest. When you hover the cursor over the Spitmaster, in the demo the Sentence Line labels him "referee".

If you look closely at that banner on the right side of the screen, its apostrophe hasn't been corrected.

Demo: The Booty Island map. There's a lake up near Governor Marley's mansion, the sprite for Dread's ship is a placeholder from MI1 EGA, and the Big Tree isn't visible. However, if you mouse over the area where the Big Tree should be, the text Big but Undrawn Tree will pop up.

If you hover the mouse over Dread's ship, the text that comes up says Dred's Ship.

Full game: The lake is gone, presumably to simplify pathfinding, and the Big Tree has been painted in.

Demo: Guybrush freaks out at a very realistic costume of LeChuck. Realistic except for the green hat, that is.

Full game: The hat is black, which is more in keeping with the original MI1 LeChuck design.

Demo: Talking with the guard at the gate to Elaine's Booty Island mansion.

Full game.

If you tell the Booty Island kiosk guard Nice costume. Almost scared me to death, she'll respond Thanks. You'll need a costume too if you plan to get past me for the Governor's party instead of the final version's Thanks. Where's your costume for the Governor's party?

If you ask Party? What party? she'll say Governor Marley is having a huge Mardi Gras party. But you must have an invitation and wear a costume as opposed to the final line Governor Marley is having a huge Mardi Gras party. Invitation only... costumes required... that sort of thing.

If you say This is my costume, referring to Guybrush's pirate garb, in the demo she'll reply, Nobody would willingly wear such a dopey costume. Come back when you have a real costume. In the full game the last sentence is omitted.

If you say You mentioned a party before... in the final game, the guard will ask Did you bring a costume and invitation? In the demo, though, the reply is You mean Governor Marley's Mardi Gras fish fry? It's invitation only and costumes are required, as it is when you say I'm here for the Governor's party.

When the guard asks why Elaine would lie about killing LeChuck, there are three possible dialogue options in the demo: Jealousy?, Revenge?, and Penis envy? In the final game Penis envy? was replaced by two options, Fame and fortune? and For attention? The guard's response to all the options is In your dreams.

Demo: Phatt Island. The poster of "Reginald Blackbeard" is missing, and the wanted poster of Guybrush hasn't had the wrinkles added to it yet.

Notice the brown jail key, too.

Full game: Now we can learn about the Phatt City Library thanks to the helpful Mr. Blackbeard. The jail key has been recolored to a more golden hue.

When you look at the wanted poster in the demo, Guybrush says Say, that's me! instead of reading off the entire list of his crimes.

Interestingly, the music found in this room in the demo is totally different from (and, in my opinion, better than) the final Phatt Island wharf tune.

Demo: More of the Phatt Island wharf. Dread's ship hasn't been painted in, although it shows up on the Sentence Line.

Full game: Now Dread's ship can be seen... well, you can see the edge of it at least.

The door to the library is labeled "library", not "door", on the Sentence Line, so you must construct the odd sentence "Open library" to open the door and go inside. The same is true for the jail.

In the jail, Walt the dog is labeled "jail dog" on the Sentence Line. I guess the team hadn't come up with the Disney reference yet.

These books are in the Phatt Library in the demo, but not in the final game:



Captain Hazelwood: The Valdez
Captain Fitzhuge: The Mad Monkey


"Usually, dreaming of dancing skeletons is linked to premonitions of future events..."

I think it only works during the summer.


Y'know, I like checkers. It's just plain fun, y'know? Good ol' family fun.

Who is this guy, anyway?

And a nifty tattoo it is.


Now I feel like one of the crowd.



Not quite what I'm looking for.

Not quite what I'm looking for.

These books have had part of the dialogue associated with them modified in the final release:

(The title was changed to "HOW TO SERVE YOUR FELLOW MAN" and Guybrush's remark was changed to Yikes!)

Hmm... Good bedtime reading...
(The title was changed in the full game to "THE SINISTER BEAST UNDER THE BED".)

It's a bunch of neat pictures of big fish.
(The word big in Guybrush's reaction was later removed.)

I had no idea...
(The title was changed to "POPULAR PUNISHMENTS FOR GRAVE ROBBERS" and Guybrush's response became Yikes!)

(The description was altered to read LEGEND OF THE GLASS-BOTTOMED ARMADA.)

(In the final game the book's category is HUMOR, GALLOWS.)

Hey... I feel so...

(In the finished release the description given is SEE ALSO: PHILOSOPHY, and Guybrush's line is I think philosophy stuff is just a waste of time.)

(The title was changed to "KEELHAULING: METHODOLOGY AND PRACTICE" and the hyphen in the category name was removed.)

Who does this guy think he is, anyway?
(The title was changed to "DYNANETICS BY L. RON GILBERT", probably to avoid a lawsuit.)

Wait... I've heard this before...
(In the full game the word "BAOOOGA" is missing and Guybrush's reply is generic.)

This is some of the worst poetry I've ever read.
(The title was changed to "THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND" in the actual game.)

(These are the quotations:)
"Tim is the meanest boy in the world."
"Have you hugged Tami today?
"Look, no more Mills jokes, alright?"
"What kind of the fish is on dock?"
"Miss New York was a TOTAL arf!"
(The names of the pirates whose quotes these are:)
-Rapp Scallion
-Lace Toady
-Sorry-Ass, Candy-butt Girl
-Commander Buttonhead
-The Bossy Little Dynamo

(In the full game the quotes are:)
"Happiness is a warm Manatee."
"Kiss me, I've got scurvy."
"Mouthwash? We don't need no stinkin' mouthwash!"
"Violets are blue, roses are red...
We're coming aboard. Prepare to eat lead."

(And the pirates are:)
-Barney Gout
-Commander Buttonhead
-Fester Leach
-Old Skunk-Eye
-Rapp Scallion

(In the full game the category is LICE and so the book is under L.)

(The author's name was changed to the pseudonym MELAINE LEARY.)

(The author's name was changed to the pseudonym MELAINE LEARY, and the spelling of "DENOUEMENT" was fixed.)

(The author's name was changed to the pseudonym MELAINE LEARY.)

Truly disgusting.
(The author's name was changed to the pseudonym MELAINE LEARY, and the non-word "LASTITUDE" was replaced with "LASSITUDE".)

Why would she write this?
(The author's name was changed to the pseudonym MELAINE LEARY.)

(The author's name was changed to the pseudonym MELAINE LEARY. Also, the index card was switched with the following book's, to be alphabetically correct.)

(The author's name was changed to the pseudonym MELAINE LEARY, and the title was corrected to "ROMANCE'S WRETCHED RESIDUE".)

(The author's name was changed to the pseudonym MELAINE LEARY.)

Says here that Scabb was first settled as a quarantine island for skin diseases.
(In the full game the line It later became a haven for pirates because of it's distinct lack of authority figures was added to Guybrush's comment.)

(In the complete game the SEE ALSO line is missing, and the TO has been corrected to TOO.)

Arr, Matey, and a good book it is, too!
(The title and description were changed to "SHIVER MY TIMBERS" SEE ALSO: LANGUAGE, and Guybrush's reply became "Yarrrr, matey." I wonder if anyone really talks like this.)

I can't really grasp this concept.
(Guybrush's response was changed to It's technical stuff, I can't understand a word of it. Also, the spelling of "PARTNER" was corrected.)

Hmm... Maybe I should get one.
(In the finished release the title is "WHY CHICKS DIG TATTOOS".)

When are you too young for a tattoo?

(Guybrush's comment was changed in the full game to Aw, the teddy bear is cute!)

This is fascinating!
It says here there were four pirates:
Rapp Scallion (the cook)...
...Young Lindy (the cabin boy)...
...Mister Rogers (the first mate)...
...and Captain-- Good Heavens!
Captain Marley!
(Wonder if there's any relation?)
They buried their treasure along with plenty of--
-- uh, oh--
--booby traps on a place believed to be called Inky Island.
They made a map which they divided into four pieces, each man taking one.
All four pirates have since disappeared!

(In the final game the title is "BIG WHOOP: UNCLAIMED BONANZA OR MYTH?" and after the line They made a map which they divided into four pieces, each man taking one, Guybrush recites the further history of the four pirates.

Rapp Scallion later opened the Steamin' Weenie Hut on Scabb Island. It was a huge success but fell into disrepair after Rapp was killed in a flash fire. Young Lindy drifted aimlessly, down on his luck until he mysteriously came into money while panhandling on Booty Island. He used the cash to bankroll an advertising firm which failed after its gross mishandling of the Gangrene 'n' Honey account. Mister Rogers retired off the coast of Phatt Island. He marketed homemade contest grog brewed in a bathtub until his recent disappearance. Captain Marley vanished while sailing in the America's Cup race. His boat was leading at the time.)

Many books that are in the Phatt Island catalog in the full game are missing in the demo, too. Finding which ones those are is left as an exercise for the readers.

Demo: The librarian spins around on her chair. The back of the chair lacks the shiny stripe which graces it in the full game.

Full game: The chair is shinier, and the librarian's hair has been redrawn as well.

When you check out four books in the demo, the librarian will say Anything else? and the player is forced to choose the dialogue line I won't be needing any more books just now. In the game she says OK, here you go. That's your limit. You'll have to give some books back before you can check out any more.

When Guybrush says I'm looking for a book with four books already checked out, in the full game the librarian says I said you could only check out four books at a time. You'll have to give some books back before you can check out any more. In the demo the line is You already have four books checked out. You'll have to give some back, and is spoken after Guybrush asks for a fifth book by name.

Also, in the demo the books Big Whoop: Unclaimed Bonanza or Myth? and Famous Pirate Quotations are available in the library, instead of being found in the Voodoo Lady's parlor and Governor Phatt's house, respectively.

You can teleport to the room in LeChuck's Fortress where the voodoo crate arrives. The music there is different from the tune used in the completed game.

Demo: "Are you sure you want to quit?" This shot was taken in the rolling demo, not in ScummVM.

The style of the bar is similar to the bars that show up when you pause or quit the game in MI1.

Full game: The colors of the bar have been redone to match the verbs and Save/Load interface.

Below are the rest of the inventory items that differ from their counterparts in the finished MI2.

Left: Largo's clean white shirt as it appears in the demo resource files. Right: The final version.

Left: The demo's voodoo shopping list. Right: The final version.

Left: In the demo inventory the spit-encrusted paper is grayish. Right: In the final release it's yellow, and so more consistent with the clean and spit-covered paper inventory images.

Left: The demo's version of Dread's map is a scaled-down version of the background, complete with Guybrush's thumbs. Right: The final version has been redrawn.

Left: A gold quill, a junk item planned to be available in the antique shop. Right: The version in the full game's datafiles.

Left: The demo's hubcap from the antique shop. Right: The final version.

Left and middle: The pirate hat available in the antique shop. (In the middle picture I recolored the background to make the object more visible.) Right: The final version.

Left: A Christmas wreath, a junk item planned to be available in the antique shop. Right: The version in the full game's datafiles.

Left and middle: The Elvis collector's plate found in the antique shop. (In the middle picture I recolored the background to make the object more visible.) Right: The final version.

Left: Rapp Scallion's ashes, from the demo. Right: The final version.

Left: The demo's version of the Ash-2-Life shaker. Right: The final version.

Left: From the demo, the key to Rapp Scallion's Steamin' Weenie Hut. Right: The final version.

Left: The bottle Guybrush finds on Dinky Island, from the demo. Right: The final version.

Left: The bottle after Guybrush breaks it on a rock. Right: The final version.

Left: A cracker, from the demo. Right: The final version.

Left: Judging by its position in the inventory files, I think this is a placeholder item for the box of cracker mix. Right: The finished version.

Left: The martini glass on Dinky Island, demo version. Right: The final version.

Left: A single match, from the demo datafiles. Right: The final version contains a red X to show it's been rejected for use in the game.

This is "more voodoo crap", according to Guybrush. It was originally planned to be an inventory item which Guybrush could take from the shipping crate in LeChuck's Fortress. I have no clue what it was to be used for, though. When Guybrush looks at it in his inventory he says Nice more voodoo crap, the generic response for looking at something.

Left: A rejected version of the LeChuck doll from the end sequence. The picture is actually from the final game's datafiles, as the demo doesn't contain any inventory items from the end voodoo battle.
Right: The final version.

Some rooms listed in the MI2 files did not make it to the final game, and other rooms from the completed product were missing in the demo.

Extra rooms in the demo:

Room 037 (cavern)
Originally the path under Phatt Island leading from the waterfall to Rum Rogers' cottage was supposed to be a natural cavern. Once the ending had been decided upon, the cavern was replaced with a sterile metal tunnel, as a clue to the ending.

Room 074 (le-voodoo), room 077 (lecu-win), room 078 (lecu-top), room 079 (lecu-des)
These four rooms were cut from LeChuck's Fortress. They may relate to the extra cutscenes Ron Gilbert was forced to drop from MI2 due to disk space constraints.

Room 102 (disclaimer)
Obviously a disclaimer of some sort. I wonder what it said?

Rooms not in the demo that were added to the full game:

Room 088 (elevator), room 089 (melee), room 090 (storage), room 091 (maintenance), room 092 (lost-found), room 093 (underground)
The entire ending sequence had not been decided upon when the MI2 demo was made, so these rooms from the final voodoo battle are missing.

Room 104 (f-rapinflate), room 105 (f-rapother), room 106 (f-rap2inflate), room 107 (f-rapshrink)
The very large animation of Rapp Scallion requires several rooms to store properly, and it had not been added to the game datafiles when the demo was made.

Room 108 (copycrap)
The copy protection.

Room 109 (long-shot)
The shot of Scabb Island seen in the introduction.

Room 110 (bigwhoop)
This is the Big Whoop Amusement Park background. As stated earlier, the ending had not been finalized when the MI2 demo was produced.

Other interesting room names of note:

The room which houses the MI2 title screen is called "sky". I guess the original idea was to have the MI2 logo appear against the background of a sky, and then perhaps pan down to Scabb Island.

The room which Guybrush flies across on his way to Dinky Island is called "raft". This refers to a planned cutscene in which Wally the cartographer would have been on a raft in the middle of the ocean, staring down into the water. His monocle would have fallen into the sea, and as he fumbled around blindly looking for it, he himself would have toppled into the water. The development team felt the scene was too cruel to Wally and cut it out.

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