Work-in-Progress Screenshots of Monkey Island 2 Before the release of Monkey Island 2, a slideshow demo came out which featured several screenshots.
However, the interface in the pictures was notably different from the final game's.
Instead of 9 purple verbs, the 12 green verbs from the disk version of MI1 were preserved, although there were icons instead of a text inventory.

The demo's screenshots can be seen below, along with commentary on various other differences from the final release.

Guybrush enters the Swamp Rot Inn. The candle on the table is missing in the game; also, the voodoo doll and pins aren't separate items as normal, and the rat looks dead.

The dungeon in LeChuck's Fortress. The spit isn't attached to paper (did Guybrush pick it up with his bare hands?). Herman Toothrot, not Wally, is visible behind the crudely-drawn cell bars.

Outside Rum Rogers' house. The monkey statue is holding a banana, instead of having an open palm that holds Guybrush's telescope.

Guybrush rowing across the swamp to the Voodoo Lady's new home. Notice the different-looking nails and ashes in the inventory.

Outside Stan's Previously Owned Coffins.

Guybrush being chased around Elaine's mansion by her angry cook.

The Phatt Island wharf - but where's the wanted poster?

An overview of Phatt Island. The temporary sprite of Dread's Ship is from the EGA version of MI1.

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