General History of the Pyrate Logo: or, The Title of Monkey Island The Monkey Island logo is indelibly etched into the minds of those who've played the series. This page charts its changes of color and design over the course of four games and ten years.

The Secret of Monkey Island

The famous MI1 logo from the box cover.

Less well-known is this version of the logo from the side of the box. The word Island has been redrawn to have a straight top edge.

A hand-drawn version of the logo appears on a pennant on the back of the box.

The EGA title screen featured a very plain logo, due to the restraints of the color palette.

In the Amiga version the lines of the logo were smoothed out a bit to be more visually pleasing.

The VGA version takes advantage of the expanded palette to use a color gradient in the title.

Because the Sega CD version uses pretty much the same graphics as the Amiga version in many places, the logo is back to being gradient-less. There's a nifty TM in the logo's font that's been added, though.

This is the MI logo as seen in the original EGA demo of MI1.

The Amiga demo logo features a pointed top on the letter I.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

The MI2 box logo is yellow, and features a monkey hanging from it bearing the number 2.

The logo from the side of the box is redrawn slightly, as was the MI1 logo.

An early design for the MI2 logo used on a promotional poster featured a different-looking parchment banner and a different font for the words LeChuck's Revenge.

The logo in the rolling MI2 demo was similar to the box art, except the colors of the words Monkey Island and the number 2 were reversed.

In the final game the logo is still red, but the monkey bearing the number 2 is missing.

The Curse of Monkey Island

Early prototypes of the box art featured a yellow-to-red gradient from top to bottom.

The logo used in the CMI demo is entirely yellow, with no fire behind the words The Curse of.

The final CMI logo features a red-to-yellow gradient from top to bottom.

In the full game the logo looks much as it does on the box, except that the fire is animated.

The German version of the box art features a monkey holding the sign Monkey Island 3 similarly to the MI2 box.

Escape From Monkey Island

The original EMI logo used when LucasArts announced the game featured the words Escpae From in block letters on a wooden sign suspended by ropes.

The demo title continued the motif of a wooden sign hanging from ropes. Note too the extremely long I.

The final title uses a parchment banner to hold the words Escape From, in the style of the MI2 logo. Also, a couple of monkeys have been added to the title's edges.

The title from the in-game menu reflects the box art logo very closely, although it's missing the monkeys.

The EMI logo from the opening credits.

In the style of the MI1 and MI2 boxes, the EMI US PS2 box features this redrawn MI logo on its spine. It's not quite the same as the earlier flattened logo, though.

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