Miscellaneous Monkey Island Oddities (and Day of the Tentacle too) This page chronicles various oddments from the Monkey Island series that don't fit in anywhere else.

Also, there's a bit of Day of the Tentacle miscellany, if you scroll down to the end.

The Secret of Monkey Island

I've detailed the alternate "hunk of meat" inventory icon originally used in MI1CD and the unused closeup of Spiffy the Dog that showed up on the original box on other pages.

The verb interface used in screenshots on the back of the original MI1 box doesn't look quite right. The words are too high-resolution and the inventory arrows are the same color as the Sentence Line.

In fact, the marketing guys tinkered with the appearance of the verbs to make them look more appealing.

In an interview with Computer Gaming World, Steve Purcell discussed a puzzle that was cut out of MI1 for disk space reasons. He said that at one point during the endgame, Guybrush would have been on a dock surrounded by a group of ghosts. To get out of the situation, he needed to use the head of the navigator as a bowling ball and knock the ghosts over.

However, I submit that it might not have been the head of the navigator, but the cannonball from Herman Toothrot's fort. It makes sense: the object has no use in the finished game, making it likely that its point of use was cut out, and when Guybrush looks at the cannonball he observes that it "has three holes in it," just like a bowling ball!

As an aside, Tim Schafer liked the puzzle enough to reuse it in Day of the Tentacle.

Steve Purcell's original concept art for LeChuck's ship.

Original concept art for a pirate opponent in the insult swordfighting puzzle.

Adventurer magazine #2 published this Monkey Island Activity Page!

More of the Activity Page.

Another piece of the Activity Page.

The final component of the Activity Page. See if you can spot real words in the crossword puzzle.

Screenshots of an old promotional video for the Sega CD version of MI1.

As shown here, the cursor was used to select dialogue lines, and highlighted responses were white.

In the finished game, players scrolled through dialogue choices by pressing up and down gamepad buttons, and the highlighted lines were yellow. This was probably done because playtesters found it hard to select the right dialogue line using the cursor.

Recreations of the original method of choosing dialogue.

Another image from the old video, showing a prototype box.

The final box was much smaller, and made out of flimsy paper instead of cardboard. As a result, few survive in good condition, much to collectors' dismay.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Early concepts thrown about for MI2 featured a return of insult swordfighting. There would have been not one, but three different cataloguees of insults and comebacks, one for each of the different islands that Guybrush visits in Part II of the game. Also thought up but ultimately cut out was a third, intermediate difficulty level.

Very early mockups of the box logo lacked the weathered banner behind the words LeChuck's Revenge, which were instead printed in plain white text.

The original logo design had a slightly different design for the scroll bearing the words LeChuck's Revenge.

This ad from Computer Gaming World shows off the alternate logo.

Very early compiles of MI2 featured MI1 Guybrush as a temporary sprite until the new Guybrush figure was done, as well as 12 green verbs, like those in MI1.

More of very early MI2. This screen is panned farther over to the right than ever happens in the final game, and there's a washbasin where the rat-trap is in the finished release. Plus, the book (the last item in Guybrush's inventory) isn't the finalized image, and looks to be covered in spit.

Another scanned screenshot of MI2 with MI1 Guybrush.

This old scan shows a bunch of strange crypts in place of the graves on the hill in the Scabb Island cemetery.

From the back of the MI2 box, this screen also has the numerous hillside crypts.

In the final game several tombstones, including Marco Largo LaGrande's, are on the hill.

Another screenshot from the box. The spitmaster on Booty Island is seen wearing a spit-green shirt and blue sunglasses.

The shirt was recolored blue, and the glasses gray, for the finished release.

This image from the manual shows the campfire scene. Guybrush's beard is clearly visible and the firelight is intense.

In the actual game the firelight is less prominent on the characters, and Guybrush's beard is so thin it can't be seen here.

Comparison of the original Guybrush campfire sprite (on the left, as reconstructed by me) and the final product.

Original concept art for the first screen of LeChuck's fortress.

Concept art for the Phatt Island roulette dealer. Amazing how much work went into those tiny sprites!

The second issue of the Adventurer magazine featured several news bulletins from the world of MI2. Here is a gossip column written by Kate Capsize.

A news clipping telling of LeChuck's return to unlife.

A report on the Largo Embargo.

An advertisement for the Booty Island spitting contest.

A piece from the society pages, talking about Elaine's Mardi Gras party.

A short note about several new books in the Phatt Island library.

Below are a few facsimile images of work-in-progress MI2, when the game still had 12 green verbs. There may be some incorrect details, but I think they're accurate overall.

Guybrush on the beach, having picked up a stick.

Inside the Swamp Rot Inn, with the game paused.

Guybrush inside the crypt wherein Rapp Scallion's coffin lies.

Largo's room.

The Phatt Island main street.

The entrance hall of LeChuck's Fortress.

Wally's house.

Talking to Wally.

The Bloody Lip kitchen, with Guybrush's near-final sprite having been put in the game.

The inventory arrows would have been the ones from MI1.

Booty Island.

Stan's Previously Owned Coffins.

Guybrush checks out the store at his leisure after trapping Stan in his own coffin.

The spitting contest.

The Phatt Island library.

The Curse of Monkey Island

This is a prototype CMI box as seen on the back of the Grim Fandango manual. The tagline is different, and the logo's gradient is yellow-to-red from top to bottom.

The actual box has a red-to-yellow logo gradient from top to bottom.

In the CMI trailer the I of the CMI logo is attached to the bars at top and bottom.

In the full game the I is separate from the bars, and the The Monkeys are Listening font is different.

Concept art for the introduction, scanned from the CMI strategy guide.

More introduction concept art.

Miscellaneous concept art. Check out that height comparison.

This scan from a 1997 issue of PC Gamer US features an image from a very early build of CMI, with rough backgrounds and placeholder sprites.

Another scan from the same article shows that Demon LeChuck's eyes originally glowed white-hot instead of yellow like his beard.

CMI: The Lost Cutscene

Originally the CMI team wanted to include a cutscene between Parts V and VI of the game. Here's a summary of what was to happen:

Guybrush arrives in the Giant Monkey Head just as LeChuck is about to put Elaine on his Rollercoaster of Death and send her into Big Whoop. Guybrush waves to Elaine, who grabs LeChuck's sword from its scabbard and knocks the Demon Pirate into the rollercoaster car intended for her. As LeChuck is carried off by the moving car, Elaine fights off the skeleton pirates nearby. Unfortunately, as the skeletons retreat, they bump into Guybrush, who is standing behind them. Guybrush falls into another of the rollercoaster cars and is sent hurtling toward a fiery demise in the Gates of Hell. Fortunately, Elaine spies an operator's control box with a lever that diverts the cars into the Great Monkey Mountain and shoots the switch just before Guybrush's car enters the Monkey Head. Thus Guybrush and LeChuck are trapped in the amusement park ride in Part VI.

The scene was cut mostly because the complex animation of Elaine fighting the skeletons would have taken too long to produce in the short time left near the end of the game's development. However, some frames from the storyboard sequence were reproduced in the CMI Strategy Guide:

Moreover, the animation from the shot of Guybrush waving to Elaine was used in the CMI promotional trailer released when the game was announced.

Below are several frames from that scene. The video snippet is accompanied by audio of Guybrush shouting "ELAINE!" The background--the deck of the Sea Cucumber--is very likely temporary.

A high-resolution still of Guybrush from this scene, scanned from an old issue of PC Gamer.

Also check out a second high-resolution image of Guybrush from this scene at The World of Monkey Island.

Escape from Monkey Island

A flyer advertising LEC games that shipped with EMI in the US had concept art printed on it! I've enhanced the image to make it visible to normal viewing.

I think the art is actually left over from CMI, since LeChuck's appearance in the lower left corner is not finalized (his build is taller and thinner than in the final game, and he's got shoes and striped stockings instead of sturdy boots.)

A piece of EMI placeholder art used by LucasArts until the real EMI box art had been drawn.

This was the initial design for the EMI box. Notice Guybrush's very odd-looking head, and the position of I. Cheese, the Voodoo Lady, and the catapult operator in the bottom right.

The artist repainted the image to make Guybrush look like his in-game self, and redid the three characters at bottom right to have them playing Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Some storyboards from the cutscene where Pegnose Pete makes his appearance in the Lucre Bank.

The US Playstation2 EMI box art. It makes my skin crawl.

The US PS2 EMI box back. Notice there's no reference to this being game number four of a series.

The UK PS2 EMI box front (and pretty much every PS2 release except the US one) reuses the PC box art.

The UK box back mentions that that EMI is part of a series, and uses different, less actiony-looking screenshots.

An early version of the text that opens the intro, as seen in the EMI trailer.

In the final game the big bold S is a bit more ornate and the rest is in a different font. Plus the proper accents on the name of Melee Island were added in.

In early versions of EMI the Melee Island map featured a path leading to the beach where the final Monkey Kombat battle in the endgame is fought.

The trail was removed in the final game because you don't need to go to that location at all during Acts I and II.

Day of the Tentacle

From an old TV show about computer technology, this is an image of DOTT being previewed at 1993's Consumer Electronics Show.

Barely visible in the image of the CES display is an odd inventory item: the human chart from Dr. Tentacle's office, which can't be picked up in the final game.

This latter image was scanned from Adventurer #5.

The video also included animation from the original version of the DOTT intro. Here a bird pauses to grin happily for the camera, an animation discarded in the final product.

Afterwards, the bird tries to reach its nest, but collapses and dies due to the toxins issuing from the Sludge-O-Matic.

The right side of the background, featuring a fungus-encrusted tree and bird nest, was cut out of the full game, and the bird's death animation plays farther to the left.

Two unused inventory items. On the left is the diamond, which you never see in-game because Bernard gives it to Dr. Fred as soon as he receives it.

On the right is a hangman's noose. I have absolutely no idea what it was intended for.

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