Lucasfilm Games' Maniac Mansion was famously released (and censored) for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in America and Europe.

Unknown to most people, a Japanese port of Maniac Mansion was made by Jaleco for the Japanese NES (more commonly called the Famicom).

Besides having Japanese text, it also featured completely different graphics from the US/Europe NES version. It's still recognizable as the same game, though.

Here are a few screenshots from the Famicom release of MM:

Title screen, with Maniac Mansion printed in English and Japanese

Selecting characters. They're all very tiny and very anime-fied (though not as much as the characters in Zak McKracken FM Towns).

The Mansion, seen from a distance

Main title, with the infamous chainsaw

Dave, Bernard, and Wendy stand in the Mansion's driveway.

I wonder what that red thing is? It's not the mailbox (that's in front of the house)...

Dave in front of the Mansion

Sandy refuses to go along with Dr. Fred's brain-sucking scheme. Look, Fred has hair!

The library. The character portrait above the background screen changes based on whom you're controlling.

3 Guys Who Publish Anything. As seen on TV!

One of the Mansion's many hallways. Hey, the statue is here! *grumbles about Nintendo of America's stupid censorship*

Michael stands in the doorway of the the arcade room

Dr. Fred's office, complete with a real skeleton.

Green Tentacle, hopping around and whining about behing hungry

In the room adjoining the secret lab, Dr. Fred gives orders to Purple Tentacle

Cutscene: Edna refuses to listen to Weird Ed's fears about his father's mental health

Dead Cousin Ted's room. The "sexy mummy" poster hasn't been removed, either. *grumbles some more*

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