Quest for Glory: The Trouble with Names It's well-known that Quest for Glory began life as Hero's Quest, until Milton Bradley sued Sierra because they had released a fantasy board-game called Hero Quest.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the only trouble the series endured in regards to names; I will explain further below.

First, a few screenshots comparing the original Hero's Quest I to the re-released version (Quest for Glory I EGA).

HQ1: the Sierra logo features a grinning dragon.

QfG1EGA: the logo has been moved to the left rather awkwardly, the reasons for which aren't clear on first starting the game.

HQ1: the title screen, part 1

QfG1EGA: the same thing, but with a new logo

HQ1: the title screen, part 2

QfG1EGA. That hero looks pretty dead right about now.

HQ1: the Farmer's Mart. The title bar is altered to "So You've Become a Hero!" at the end.

QfG1EGA: the title bar now says "Quest for Glory I," but it's still changed to "So You've Become a Hero!" during the end sequence, oddly enough.

HQ1: the shopkeeper Kaspar shows the Hero his current choice of reading material - A Hero's Death, a name that bears an uncanny similarity to Hero's Quest.

QfG1EGA: along with the major name change, the title of Kaspar's book has also been altered to retain its link with the game title.

HQ1: an advertisement for Hero's Quest II, part 1

QfG1EGA: the same advertisement. The new logo uses the Quest for Glory II title screen's font, and its shape is the reason why the mountain got moved to the left.

HQ1: the advertisement, part 2.

QfG1EGA. Well, at least the subtitle stayed the same.

HQ1: the congratulatory end-game message


On to Trial by Fire:

The Sierra logo, this time featuring a Djinn

The title screen, with the Hero, the Kattas, Abdulla, and his flying carpet passing by

The endgame message tells us that Qfg3 will be called Shadows of Darkness.

However, after QfG2 shipped, Lori and Corey Cole decided to insert QfG3 in the series as a prelude to Shadows, allowing the hero to grow as a peacemaker.

An animated advertisment for Shadows of Darkness, part 1...

...and Part 2. Is that Avoozl's face in the moon?

As it turned out, Quest for Glory III was not Shadows of Darkness, but rather...

...Wages of War. Hey! Who put that extra "The" in there?

Another endgame ad for Shadows of Darkness. "This time, for sure!"

The QfG3 ending's final message, and more advertising.

Unbeknownst to Sierra, another game company had already trademarked the name Wages of War, and asked Sierra to change the name.

The developers planned to alter the subtitle of QfG3 to Seekers of the Lost City (a parody of Raiders of the Lost Ark) for re-releases, but the other company went belly-up in the meantime, so in the end the title never needed to be changed.

Still, the people who wrote the Shadows of Darkness credits didn't know that...

The information in the QfG4 "About" text (accessible from the options menu) still describes Seekers of the Lost City.

Finally, the original design for Quest for Glory V, written just after Shadows of Darkness shipped, was subtitled Hero's Crown. It was changed when the game was finally being made to Dragon Fire.

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