Pictures from Sierra's SQ1VGA, SQ4, KQ5, and KQ6 for Amiga Sierra's Amiga conversions of 256-color games were basically the same as the VGA originals, except for different sound and uglier 32-color graphics.

Nevertheless, they're rather rare today, so I've decided to share some screenshots from Amiga ports of the Space Quest I remake, Space Quest IV, and King's Quests V and VI.

Screenshots from SQ1 remake:

The Sierra logo. It's nicer-looking than the one in the PC version!

Title screen. The letters "Space Quest" don't shift colors as they do in the PC VGA version.

Opening credits.

The Deltaur locks onto the Arcada

Coming out of the (broom) closet

Roger crosses the Arcada library

A dying scientist gives Roger the code he needs to find the Star Generator plans

The escape pod bay door control mechanism

The Arcada's air lock

Escape pod bay. The whole design reminds me of a bullet in a firing chamber.

Blasting off into hyperspace... no color-shifting effect here, unfortunately.

It's hard to tell that the windshield is completely shattered

Roger outside his crashed escape pod

"Water! It does a body good."

Checking the inventory

The death message when Roger gets killed by the Orat

The bottom of the hidden surface-to-caverns elevator

Underground caverns.

By the way, my trick for getting past the acid drops is first to walk past the first three burnt holes in the ground, wait for the way to clear, then pass the rest of the way through.

Luring the Spider Droid and the Orat to their mutual demise

The chief Keronian welcomes Roger to their settlement

Roger activates the skimmer

Interestingly, dying during the skimmer sequence gives you the option of starting the minigame over without having to load a saved game.

Whew! Made it.

An oddly-dressed fellow (whose suit coloring has certain unpleasant connotations) offers to buy Roger's skimmer

Entering the Rocket Bar

Looks like this version got out the door before ZZ Top's appearance could be removed

Buying a spaceship from Tiny

SQ4-Roger's timepod arrives in Ulence Flats. Technically, it should land one screen east, near Droids-B-Us.

Around here my copy of SQ1 Amiga crashes, so those are all the screenshots I can post.

Screenshots from Space Quest IV:

This game has some of the most washed-out colors I've ever seen.

Opening Sierra logo

Main title. This one doesn't shift color either.

Strange choice for a subtitle, given that we only ever see two Time Rippers, and one of them for just 5 seconds.

The Two Guys from Andromeda get their due

Overhead shot of Magmetheus

The Sequel Police scan the planet for Roger

Roger brags about his adventures to the rather soused aliens in the Magmetheus Bar

It turns out Vohaul isn't quite as dead as Roger thought back in SQ2

Roger Jr. and his companion save Roger's life

Roger demands an explanation from his mysterious protector

Roger falls through a time rip during the introduction. Still no palette-shifting.

Roger is dumped into Space Quest 12

Vohaul's compound towers over the ruined buildings of Xenon

The Time Rippers' hideout

Stealing a timepod

Traveling through time. This does have a color-shifting effect for some reason, but it has only two frames.


Roger is carried off by an enormous bird

Zondra, holding a deadly-looking harpoon

A deadly sea slug attacks a helpless Roger

Roger Jr. is brought before Vohaul in SQ12

Outside Monolith Burger

Software Excess

Roger tries out the Skate-O-Rama


I don't remember the bar in SQ1EGA looking like that!

Neither did the guy who converted this background to 32 colors, apparently.

The invisible-laser-filled corridor in Vohaul's fortress

The Super Computer's Windows 3.1 control interface

Entrance to Vohaul's chamber in the Super Computer complex

Roger in the Super Computer central chamber, with Vohaul immobilized

Roger's inventory, with an ugly gray background

Roger Jr. is successfully re-bodied

Roger and his son shake hands

Roger Jr. must tell his father goodbye

Screenshots from King's Quest V:

Sierra logo

Title logo

Graham staggers with disbelief on seeing the empty plot where his castle used to be

The King of Daventry presses Cedric to describe what Mordack did

Flying to Serenia. Hey, where'd the sun from the PC versions go?

The wizard Crispinophur

Talking with Crispin

Crispin feeds Graham a piece of white snake flesh

Dialogue close-up of Graham

The KQ5 CD interface, grafted onto what is basically the floppy version of the game.

Cedric is too afraid even to go into town!

Inside the tailor's shop

"I never thought kingly duties would include toting around smelly old dead fish!"

Outside the bakery, with the HELP icon active

For some reason the game shows us a mother and son buying a pie. Completely pointless if you ask me.

Outside the Swarthy Hog Inn

Graham's inventory

Screenshots from King's Quest VI:

This port was actually done by Revolution Software (makers of Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword) although Sierra never gave them credit anywhere in the game.

That explains why KQ6 Amiga is so different from the other versions of KQ6, and a good deal nicer-looking than Sierra's other Amiga conversions to boot.

For a transcript of the introduction sequence, visit this page.

The oddly shrunken pre-intro menu, with no option to skip the opening cinematic

The opening narration is different from the PC versions

The Amiga intro skips Alex's first conversation with Valanice, moving right into the "magic mirror" scene.

Note the British English "no-one" as opposed to the American English "no one." Obviously a line written by a Revolution staffer.

Alex sees that Cassima returns his affections.

Alexander tells his mother about his intention to sail to the Land of the Green Isles

More narration. This one comes from the original intro.

The rear of Alexander's ship as it sails on

A series of still shots, presented in slideshow, zooms into Alex standing on the deck of Daventry's flagship

This was a smooth animation in the PC intro (on both floppy and CD).

Alex spots land through his telescope

The crewmen of Alex's ship rejoice

Yet more narration.

The dialogue boxes contain a font never used in Sierra-made games

Alex wonders what fate has befallen his crewmembers

A coin of Daventry lies hidden inside this waterlogged box... Alex, always a kleptomaniac, picks it up.

The icon bar. There's no "selected inventory item" slot, there are separate Save and Load buttons, the score is displayed, and there's no option menu.

Alex at a fork in the path on the Isle of the Crown

The entrance to the Castle of the Crown

Talking to the castle dog-guards

Inside the Pawn Shop

Ali's Bookstore

Alex learns about the Land of the Green Isles from Ali the bookseller

This inventory is unbelievably ugly! All of the icons have been redrawn in a rather undetailed fashion.

Saving a game

Outside Beauty's home on the Isle of the Crown

Alexander can understand Beauty's plight all too well

The crossroads again, with the EYE cursor active

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