Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley: A Visual History Guybrush and Elaine have gone through some notable changes, both of costume and of physical appearance, as a result of technological progress over the ten-year period between MI1EGA and EMI.

On this page I chronicle these changes, from the earliest version of The Secret of Monkey Island to the final cutscenes of Escape.

The Secret of Monkey Island

Steve Purcell's designs of Guybrush and Elaine on the MI1 box art adhere pretty closely to the VGA version's closeups.

The Melee Island street, as seen in the original 16-color release of MI1.

The Amiga version of MI1 uses the exact same character animations as the EGA version. The main difference is that the flesh tones have been made more natural-looking.

The VGA disk version.

In the CD version Guybrush's costume has been brightened slightly.

The EGA closeups are very cartoony. Elaine has black hair and gray eyes here, a look she retained in her MI2 sprite.

In VGA Elaine was given red hair and blue eyes, which carried over into CMI and EMI.

The Amiga version close-ups are basically the same ones as in the VGA version.

EGA: Guybrush seen in close-up during the scene at Meathook's house. Here he has brown hair and black irises.

The VGA version set the look for Guybrush that became standard in CMI and EMI. His hair is now blond and his eyes are blue, matching Steve Purcell's cover art.

The string tie on Guybrush's shirt has been altered from the EGA version to match the endgame close-up better.

Amiga: Guybrush makes use of a trick learned in his time with the Fettucini Brothers.

The VGA version. Unlike in the closeup shots, Guybrush has brown hair and his shirt tie is blue.

Notice that in the Amiga version Guybrush's stockings are gray and the lines on his collar are black, not blue.

His stockings are white in the VGA game. The blue lines on the collar are a coloring error; they really should be black or brown to illustrate the string tie on his collar better.

Amiga: Herman Toothrot. Need I say more?

The VGA version.

Amiga: A shot of Guybrush staring at the pool created by his hijinks at the dam.

The VGA version.

Amiga: It's never explained just why the cannibals tossed Herman's oars into this chasm.

The VGA version.

From the EGA version: You can see Guybrush's sleeves are rolled up in this image of the head of the navigator.

The VGA version.

Amiga: Guybrush opens up the Monkey Head with a giant cotton swab.

In the VGA disk version the waxy buildup is no longer visible on the Monkey Head key.

In the CD version the lack of wax on the cotton swab was corrected.

Amiga: Elaine shows up. For some reason in-game she has a purple shirt, as opposed to the white one of the close-ups. Also, in the EGA and Amiga versions she wears long sleeves.

In the VGA game Elaine's sleeves are rolled up to correspond with her walking sprites, but her shirt and hair are different colors than in the VGA closeups.

EGA: Guybrush gets punched into Stan's vending machine.

The Amiga version of the scene.

In the VGA disk version Guybrush looks similar to his Amiga version sprite (look at the edges of his hair and the black lines on his shirt).

But in the VGA CD he's colored in EGA! Odd.

In the MI1 EGA and Amiga versions, Elaine's sleeves are rolled up for her walking animation, but not in her standing-still sprites (called "stands").

In the VGA version her walking sprites and standing sprites match, as stated above.

EGA: The string tie on Guybrush's shirt is different here than in his other close-up.

The EGA version makes use of a neat lighting effect not possible on the detailed VGA and Amiga portraits.

The Amiga version of this shot has a different starfield than in the VGA version.

In the MI1 VGA closeups, Guybrush's shirt is still tied at the collar with string, but the ties are miscolored on his normal sprite.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

On the MI2 box Guybrush's coat seems more green than blue.

The voodoo doll in LeChuck's hand is a good approximation of MI1 Guybrush, although there's a shoulder belt and the buttons on the pants aren't present.

Guybrush's new piratey costume, seen from the front.

It's not quite clear how many buttons he has on each side of his jacket; here you can see five per side.

Guybrush's hair, as in MI1 EGA, is more brown than blond.

In the MI2 slideshow demo his shirt is a bit more gray in color than in the released version.

On Scabb Island, we get a glimpse of Guybrush's briefs.

Here the number of buttons on the coat seems to be six per side.

And six buttons again. The animators weren't paying attention to that detail much, I guess.

A fetching pink number is Guybrush's choice for the Mardi Gras party on Booty Island.

Guybrush shows off his lovely dress in front of the Booty Island Governor's Mansion.

On Booty Island Guybrush wears boxers. Good to see he changes his underwear, at least.

Elaine looks much the same as she did in MI1 VGA, right down to the black hair and purple shirt that don't mesh with her MI1 VGA closeups.

A shot of Guybrush walking around behind Elaine's Booty Island mansion.

Guybrush sits up after experiencing a strange dream on Booty Island.

In the close-up of Guybrush on the Phatt Island wharf his coat has only four buttons.

This shot provides a good reference for the trim of the coat, however.

Note also that Guybrush's baldric (the shoulder belt) is slung over the wrong shoulder in this image.

As he walks away you can catch a glimpse of five buttons.

An image of Guybrush facing away from the players, showing off the two buttons on the back of his coat.

The drinking contest with Rum Rogers Jr.

Guybrush's coat seems to have a couple of vent lines along the sides.

When diving for the wreck of the Mad Monkey Guybrush's shirt is gray, as in the slideshow demo.

Hanging around in LeChuck's Fortress.

The kid-Guybrush from the end sequence is wearing a modernized version of his MI2 pirate outfit.

The Curse of Monkey Island

On the box art Guybrush has red stockings, as compared to his white ones in the game.

Guybrush writes in his log. Here you can see his blond hair, MI1 VGA-style.

Looking up at the fort, Guybrush spies Elaine. Hey, is that a new earring?

Elaine now has red hair and blue eyes, just as she did in the MI1 VGA closeups.

Two close-up images of Elaine that show off her new look.

Elaine waits worriedly by the shore for any sign of Guybrush.

Another close-up of Guybrush's favorite Governess.

Reunited once more with Elaine, Guybrush starts to think deeply about their relationship.

Guybrush asks Elaine if she really meant it when she said she loved him.

Elaine realizes that Guybrush overheard words she didn't intend for his ears.

Guybrush's new costume is dashingly piratical, even if he did lose the nice coat from MI2.

Wally shows up just in time to ruin Guybrush's proposal.

Wally bears the bad news of the terrible voodoo curse on the ring.

Understandably, Elaine is pissed off about the whole affair.

This shot is a nice image of Elaine's new costume.

The Barbery Coast. Where every haircut is an adventure!

The Brimstone Beach Country Club and Smorgy. What is a "smorgy" anyways? California slang?

Palido Domingo. The German version called him "Blasido" in an even better pun than the English original.

On the deck of the Sea Cucumber.

Bill Tiller mentioned in the CMI strategy guide that the real El Pollo Diablo was supposed to appear in the game but got cut. Pity.

The original idea for the voodoo curse on the ring involved Elaine being turned into a wooden figurehead.

The Sea Cucumber embarks on treacherous high-seas voyages in search of booty.

Guybrush challenges Rene Rottingham for the map to Blood Island.

A shot of Guybrush in the clearing on Blood Island where Elaine-statue is.

To enter the vegetarian cannibals' ceremony Guybrush must don a block of solid tofu.

Restored to human form once more, Elaine follows through with that punch she had been preparing.

Guybrush rubs his jaw at the impact, but is relieved to see Elaine is all right.

"Guybrush? Where are we?"

Elaine is rather confused about finding herself on a different island in what seems to her like the blink of an eye.

Just as Guybrush reaches out to embrace Elaine... LeChuck's goons arrive.

This is the only time Elaine appears in human form outside of cutscenes in CMI.

Little Guybrush has remarkably odd dimensions.

Big Guybrush is even taller than usual on the scale of this background.

A CMI rendition of Guybrush's MI2 costume. The trim on the coat isn't right and the buttons are missing, plus Guybrush's beard isn't there.

I guess this is what pirates wear to weddings.

Escape from Monkey Island

Concept art for Guybrush's Melee Island outfit. In the final game his jacket cuffs were altered slightly.

Concept art for Elaine.

This EMI magazine ad features a colored version of the original design for Guybrush's fancy Melee clothes.

The hideous US PS2 boxart also shows off the original design for Guybrush's cuffs, for some odd reason.

The fair Elaine Marley, as seen in Guybrush's memory. Here she appears to have hazel eyes.

Our favorite Mighty Pirate spits out his pen in response to Elaine's demand for his help.

The introductory sequence: Guybrush is chained to a mast... but not helpless.

Guybrush insists on bragging about his prowess in battle as Elaine hands him luggage to carry.

Elaine gives Guybrush a hat box. Say, since when does Elaine wear hats?

The Governor ponders the adoring crowds that she expects to greet her.

Guybrush continues to talk about the fight earlier as Elaine brings up another box.

Elaine and Guybrush prepare to meet the adulating throngs of well-wishers utterly empty docks and the sound of crickets chirping.

Elaine wears this outfit for much of Acts I and II. Her hair is a dull brown in-game, bit it's an auburn color in the cutscenes.

Our hero's new fancy-dress costume reflects his newfound status in life.

Guybrush wanders about town. His ponytail is tied with a white ribbon; remember that detail.

The Governor's Mansion on Melee looks a lot brighter than it did in MI1.

On Lucre and Jambalaya Islands Guybrush wears a costume similar to his MI1 outfit.

The pants are blue instead of black, and the sleeves reach to his wrists instead of being rolled up. Plus, the artists misinterpreted the miscolored blue string tie as a striped undershirt, and the shirt now has a collar and opens all the way down the front.

Guybrush outside Pegnose's shack in the swamp. In this shot he's wearing the voodoo anklet that keeps him on Lucre Island.

Elaine debates Charles in the SCUMM Bar. This outfit had a collar around her neck added after the intro movie was rendered.

Also, look at her eyes. They seem to have black irises, though they were hazel in the intro.

The loot from the bank and the Marley family heirlooms lie in this beautiful cave.

Inspector Canard decides to let Guybrush go after he brings back the loot from the bank... and a screw from Pegnose's prosthetic nose.

Elaine looks at the poll results... and they aren't good.

Guybrush tells the exaggerated story of his journey to Lucre Island.

Charles L. Charles strides into Elaine's mansion, making oddly cryptic statements.

LeChuck reveals himself once more.

Elaine foolishly believes that her knowledge of Charles' secret will secure the election in her favor.

Elaine and Guybrush exchange a look as the door slams behind LeChuck.

On Knuttin Atoll, Jumbeaux LaFeet watches over the ragged band of pirates hiding from Admiral Casaba.

Fortunately, Guybrush brought his swim trunks to Jambalaya Island.

This dunce cap is key to defeating Marco de Pollo.

If you enter the changing tent 13 times Murray will scare Guybrush out of the tent before he can get his shirt on.

Charles L. Charles shakes hands with a citizen of Melee.

LeChuck taunts Elaine just outside the polling booth.

The ubiquitous Stan is back... but why do his hands look like he dipped them in red dye?

Ozzie and LeChuck spring a trap for Guybrush in the Governor's Mansion.

Taken by surprise, Guybrush finds himself a captive.

LeChuck declares that, once Ultimately Insulted, Elaine will be "the perfect wife!"

Guybrush looks on as the two evildoers hatch a plan to be rid of him.

When Guybrush is stranded on Monkey Island he loses his boots and his fancy clothes get dirty.

The Church of LeChuck's foyer. Note Guybrush's hair ribbon is now red, unlike the white one seen earlier.

Guybrush ponders Herman Toothrot's continuity-bending story of how he arrived on Monkey Island.

"Herman Toothrot" reveals who he really is.

Elaine looks on in horror at the hard labor into which LeChuck has forced the pirates of Melee.

The Giant Monkey Head. You can really see the stains on Guybrush's coat here.

LeChuck roars in fury over the incomplete Ultimate Insult.

Elaine ridicules her captors for not finding the final piece of the puzzle.

The Ultimate Insult devastates Pegnose Pete's soul.

Ozzie brags about his successful completion of the Ultimate Insult.

LeChuck pushes Elaine across the room to witness Ozzie's speechifying.

Thanks to Guybrush's tinkering, though, the Insult Amplification Apparatus fails.

Guybrush and Elaine stare up in horror at LeChuck's latest incarnation.

Guybrush calls out to Elaine, whom LeChuck has seized in his colossal stone hand.

The Ultimate Monkey Kombat is at a stalemate when Elaine manages to slip out of LeChuck's grasp.

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