Screenshots of Zak McKracken for the FM-TOWNS The FM-TOWNS was a Japanese computer. In the early 1990's, LucasArts released several of its adventure games for that platform. Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders received a major upgrade when it was ported. The graphics were converted to 256 colors, the resolution was changed to 640x480, and CD audio tracks were added.

The game CD featured versions of Zak in English and Japanese. In the English version the main characters more or less resembled their EGA counterparts, but in the Japanese-language version they were given "anime eyes."

Screenshots from the English version:

The Lucasfilm Games logo is the same as in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade VGA.

The opening title screen.

Mars, seen from space in Zak's dream.

The FM Towns version starts with the dream sequence before showing Zak's conversation with his editor; older versions did it the other way round.

The camera zooms in on the Mars Face, and then on a map of ancient Earth

Zak sees himself asleep during his dream.

For some reason Zak's head here is the shape it was in the 320x200 EGA version, not how it is in the rest of the game.

A mysterious woman appears next to a strange device

This giant pair of nose glasses freaks Zak out

According to the official walkthrough, Zak's nickname for his boss is "Fathead."

In his bedroom, Zak muses over the map he saw in that funky dream.

The dialogue differs here from the original version, to reflect the intro's changed sequence of events.

As usual in most LucasArts games, the spacebar is the PAUSE button.

The Save/Load menu, seen during the process of loading a game

Zak's living room

A cutscene reveals the evil Caponians. In earlier versions of the game, the poster on the wall advertised Rescue on Fractalus; now it's Indy 3.

This Annie woman looks familiar to Zak, but he can't quite put his finger on why just yet.

Watching TV

Zak exits his apartment

"Le Bakery." I wonder how many years ago that bread was baked.

14th Avenue.

Lou's Pawn Shop. All sorts of useful junk... for a reasonable markup, of course.

The Maniac Mansion poster is unchanged--not even converted to VGA.

Armed with a pair of wire cutters, Zak gets an idea about that giant bobby pin sign. It's not as if the shop owner is around to complain...

Zak sports a disguise inside The Phone Company

Outside The Phone Company's office

Zak tries on the wet suit he bought at Lou's.

Notice the four little stick figures drawn on the side of the bus, WWII airplane-style. And this was years before Carmageddon, too!

Hare Krishnas. Remember them?

Boarding the airplane

Interestingly, the game pretty accurately predicted the end of real in-flight meals.

Zak checks out the airplane's bathroom, looking to stir up some trouble for the flight attendant

An egg in the microwave? Zak, you're so evil.

One of the Caponians alludes to the Device Zak and company will have to assemble

Zak encounters the two-headed squirrel

Use the butter knife instead of the tree branch to dig this hole; that way you can sell the knife to Lou for a sizeable chunk of cash.

Starting a fire inside the squirrel's cave

Those markings look interesting, don't they?

Drawing an ankh with the yellow crayon opens a secret entrance

Neat, a secret chamber. That red dome on the pedestal looks familiar...

It would seem Zak uses a universal remote for his TV!

With the blue crystal gone, the secret room goes dark

Annie is excited when Zak puts the blue crystal in the Society's drop slot

Zak gets a briefing from Annie on his tasks for the rest of the game

The Switch verb is now available

Annie's CashCard is hidden under her desk blotter

Annie checks her CashCard balance in Heathrow Airport

Zak arrives at Katmandu Airport

In Katmandu, Zak checks out Swami Holanwanda's book

That flagpole looks interesting... Not quite as easy to take as it seems, though.

The devotee of the Guru won't let Zak in until he proves his worth

The Guru trains Zak how to use the Blue Crystal

Zak sets fire to a bale of hay, in order to distract the guards

The African jungle

Zak arrives at the Shaman's village, deep in the Congo

The Shaman has a very good interior decorator, it appears.

The Shaman is so impressed with Zak's gift of a golf club that he performs the tribe's ritual dance

Another screenshot of Zak in Africa

The camera pans from the pyramids on Mars over to the Face and the Shuttle Bug

Leslie and Melissa in front of their van-cum-spaceship

Inside the Shuttle Bug

Leslie at the entrance to the Friendly Hostel

The aliens who built this place seem to be quite familiar with Earth pop culture, judging by that monolith.

The airlock of the Mars Hostel

Having fixed the faulty fuse, Leslie pressurizes the hostel interior

Leslie checks out a mysterious can of gas in one of the lockers

Melissa does the same. Too bad there aren't any chainsaws handy.

Leslie uses the broom alien to sweep away the sand from the tram's power panels

The door to the Mars Face

The Great Chamber inside the Mars Face

One of the three giant doors leading out of the Great Chamber

This giant statue in the middle of the Great Chamber features an Egyptian design motif

Melissa finds an ankh in one of the Face rooms

The second of the statues in the Face has a distinctly Mayan air...

...and a set of markings on its pedestal which will be important later.

A mysterious device is the centerpiece of this chamber

This hologram was left by the Skolarians as a record of how to defeat the Caponians

Leslie finds the atmosphere controls in the Face Maze.

Melissa is scared to enter this room; and I have to admit, that giant chasm in the FM-TOWNS version is extremely impressive.

Melissa reads her boom box.

For some reason she has a more complex front-facing animation for talking than other characters (she has two "mouth open" sprites instead of one).

The Face Maze. Fortunately you don't need the flashlight to find your way in the FM-TOWNS version.

Zak in the Mexican jungle

A hidden Mayan temple

Zak explores the Mayan temple maze

In the center of the temple rests the second half of the yellow crystal

Using the yellow crayon, Zak can draw on the statue's base...

...and, if he gets the pattern right, unlocks the crystal shard.

Leaving the Mexican temple

Arriving at the Lima plateau

That gigantic carving looks interesting, but Zak can't reach it... not normally, anyway.

Zak lets a local bird feed on his supply of bread crumbs

The Caponians detect Zak's use of the blue crystal

Mindlinked with the bird, Zak flies over to the huge stone figure carved in the mountainside

A scroll lies in one of the caves behind the stone carving's eyes

Scroll in beak, Zak flies back from the carving to his own body

The Bermuda Triangle biplane

Zak seems to be amused by the pilot's corny jokes. Either that or he's grimacing...

The alien spaceship beams up the biplane

Be wary of using the combination the pilot punches in, as you'll fall into the ocean very rapidly and drown if you don't use your parachute in time.

Zak meets the King of the Caponians... Elvis?!

The King is won over by Zak's gift of a guitar

The Lott-O-Dictor is extremely useful when Zak's running low on cash

Apparently the sentry at Stonehenge can't hold his liquor as well as Annie.

Since when did Stonehenge have this fancy altar smack in the middle of it?

Annie fuses the twin halves of the yellow crystal

Leaving Stonehenge

You'd think since Cairo is such a big city that the artists would've used the "large airport" background for it.

The Giza plateau. I don't recall there being more than three pyramids, though.

Zak notices some funny markings on one of the Sphinx's legs

Copying the symbols from the Mars Map Chamber

The Sphinx leg, with a secret passage revealed

Annie traverses the maze inside the Sphinx

Only Annie can read the hieroglyphics that reveal the order to push these buttons

A hidden map of the Mars Face and Mars Pyramid

Outside the Great Pyramid

Annie at the entrance to the Great Pyramid

Zak enters the pyramid hallway

Here's an Egyptian pharaoh's sarcophagus, but nothing else... or so it seems.

Having parachuted out of the biplane, Zak finds himself floating in the Atlantic Ocean

Using the kazoo summons a dolphin to Zak's side

The ruins of Atlantis. Is that a volcano over there?

Dolphin-Zak discovers the bottom part of the Skolarian Device in the remains of Atlantis

Using the yellow crystal, Zak can reach the other eye cave in Lima

The yellow crystal and the impromptu map drawn by Zak let him teleport all over the globe... and beyond.

Look closely; the game's artists don't seem to have known exactly where Peru is.

Zak teleports to a chamber deep within the Face Maze on Mars

This set of markings will unlock the doors out of the Teleport Chamber in the Mars Face... at least in this playthrough.

Zak meets Leslie and Melissa

Exiting the Mars Face

Zak mugs for the camera after refusing to pick up the gas from Maniac Mansion

The trio of astronauts arrive by tram at the Mars Pyramid

Leslie thinks to sweep away the sand at the entrance with the broom alien...

...only to discover that the creature is not at all pleased.

Zak unlocks the pyramid door with the bobby pin sign

Melissa enters the Mars pyramid hallway

Zak and Leslie in the Sarcophagus Chamber of the Mars Pyramid

While Melissa pushes the sarcophagus' feet, Leslie decides to head up the set of stairs that appear

Leslie in the room with the Power Crystal

Zak and Leslie, with the Power Crystal unlocked. Grab it, Zak, quickly!

Once he has the power crystal, Zak teleports back to Earth

Leslie and Melissa, blasting off for Earth in the Shuttle Bug

Now that Zak has pulled a switch in the Great Pyramid's secret chamber, Annie can ascend these stairs... join Zak in turning on the Device.

The device is in place, but the switches still need to be turned on.

Zak and Annie throw the switches, and the device glows with energy

The top of the Great Pyramid opens, releasing a large beam of light

The energy envelops the Earth, destroying the Caponians' machines

The Caponians' stupidity generator is going haywire

Two screenshots of the text Epilogue

The end credits.

Screenshots from the Japanese version:

Unlike in the English version, Zak's head shape doesn't differ from the rest of the game

A vision of Annie

The giant nose glasses. I can only imagine how huge you'd have to be to wear them...

Zak's editor orders him to go to Seattle

The starting point of the game, Zak's bedroom

Watching TV

The local baker is not very friendly.

While the four main protagonists have anime eyes, minor characters don't, as seen here.

Lou's Loans

Zak tries on his newly-purchased wet suit

The kazoo rouses the bus driver from his slumber

Meeting a follower of the Guru in the airport

Air Airlines' standard pre-flight lecture

The two-headed squirrel shows itself

Inside the crystal room in the Seattle cave

Zak meets Annie and gains the Switch verb

In Miami, enlightening the local bums

Zak looks at the Guru's book while in Katmandu

Swami Holanwanda's sanctum is guarded by this faithful devotee

An audience with the Guru

Annie checks the balance on her CashCard

The sacred dance of a Congolese tribe

Zak in the Shaman's village in the Congo

Melissa and Leslie in the hostel airlock. The colored seals on Melissa's spacesuit are a different color than in the English version.

Leslie refuses to pick up the chainsaw gas

Melissa, doing the same thing.

The door to the Mars Face

Melissa explores one of the Mars Face chambers

The hologram room in the Face

Leslie inside the atmosphere control room

Melissa reads the label on her boom box (or "DAT player" as it apparently is called in Japanese).

Traversing the Mexican jungle

Zak in Lima, across the river from a giant stone carving

Zak reacts to one of the biplane pilot's jokes

Annie complains about having to share whiskey with the guard at Stonehenge

The Japanese character set used by the game also contains English letters for some reason.

The map room inside the Egyptian Sphinx

Annie at the Earth Pyramid's entrance

Zak and Annie in the Pharaoh's Sarcophagus Chamber in the Great Pyramid

The teleport chamber in the Face Maze

Zak encounters Leslie and Melissa. Unlike in the English version, the two coeds say the same thing when Zak checks their respective identities.

Zak, too, won't pick up the gas

Melissa inside the Mars Pyramid hallway

Leslie enters the Power Crystal room

The text Epilogue

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